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    It’s that time of year again!  The annual Shanghai Mamas party coming up on Saturday October 21st, so mark the date on your calendar!

    The annual party is not just a time to get together and enjoy the food, vendors, and family fun, it’s also a time to celebrate ourselves and the community we have created. Once again YCIS has generously offered to host us and they are extending the party area so we can have even more events and fun.

    That’s where you come in. As well as being enormous fun, the party is our major fundraiser to enable us to fund the website and community events running for another year. We need your help to make it all possible – many hands make light work and all that. Ideally, these volunteers work in a related industry and know the people involved (it’s not mandatory, it just might make it easier), and is here over the summer. These are the BIG JOBS, but you won’t be on your own, and will be working with a fantastic team, with support from our experienced executive committee party planners. There will be other jobs that need to be done right around the time of the party, or on the day-of.  Once we get a bit closer to the date (like in September) we will organize a list of smaller roles, and you can secure yourself a free ticket by signing up for that.

    So here’s some roles we need to fill:

    Bazaar coordinator:  There are sooooo many fantastic parent owned organizations and we love seeing (and shopping) from them.  Maybe you’re one of them and want to help out?  There will be space for many different vendors of all types and someone needs to be the contact person for the businesses.  We will assist you with site specific information once it becomes available, so you will be the contact for the businesses.

    Food vendor coordinator: We’ll also have lots of different food vendors on site, and need one person to run point on food. You’ll be the contact person for all food vendors, both in the run up to and on the day of the party. We can give you plenty of help and support, as there are some technical aspects to the role, such as managing power and equipment needs for vendors.

    Raffle coordinator: We always have a wonderful raffle prize draw, with amazing gifts from our generous sponsors, and we need someone to coordinate these donations, before, during and after the party. You’ll be the go to person for anyone interested in donating a prize, with support from Siobhan who handles sponsorship and advertising.

    Stage coordinator: If you’ve been to a party before, you’ll know that we have a stage with live music and other performances throughout the day. You’ll have a team of volunteers to support you, but we need someone to pull it al together.

    Volunteer coordinator: to help manage all the other volunteers who get involved on the day.

    If you would be willing to support the community and commit to this, not only will you get a giant hug from our executive committee, warm feelings of love and achievement, knowledge that you are helping to create a family friendly, safe and welcoming atmosphere, and a free drink at the volunteers party, you’re also helping to celebrate 11 years of Shanghai Mamas.

    If you’re interested in helping out, there are two things you can do – send us an email at and let us know, and save the evening of 14 June. It’s our first party planning meeting, so if you think you might want to help out but need more info about what it involves, come along!

    Thanks all!

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Welcome to Shanghai Mamas Forums Official Announcements WE NEED YOU FOR THE SHANGHAI MAMAS PARTY – SATURDAY OCTOBER 21ST

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