Give Your Suitcase a Break! COSTCO IS COMING!



Good news, we can help you remove one more thing from your “summer vacation to-do list”. No need to fill your luggage with Kirkland Signature products from abroad —starting August 27, 2019, Costco is going to be on your doorstep. (Well, if your doorstep is in Minhang near SSIS and the Korean School.)


Either way, even for us Pudong mamas, it’s closer than wherever you were filling your suitcase before!


If you get a 299 RMB membership in Shanghai, you can use it “back home”, too! Grab delicious Costco muffins and fruit for easy family breakfasts when visiting the in-laws. Stock up on snacks for your Airbnb while on vacation in Australia (because you know restaurants there are not cheap!). There are over 770 Costcos around the world, and this card unlocks them all.


If you apply before the opening date, you get a 100 RMB voucher to spend at Costco! Click “Read More” at the bottom to register. (Not to worry, the membership expiry date will still be August 26, 2020, one year after opening.)


Already a Costco member? Lucky you –it works here, too! Note: Not all features will be available locally; check store for details.


It’s the Costco you know from abroad: Kirkland Signature products, samples to try before you buy, and pizza and hot dogs to eat at the food court after you and your family members are done shopping!


Pick up an easy dinner of chicken and salad for the family from the warehouse knowing that it’s been cared for with Costco safety standards you’re used to. The 2-hour maximum shelf-life for roasted chickens still applies in Shanghai!


We checked specifically about imported baby products –they’ve got Pampers and Huggies diapers, Ergo baby, and Aveeno baby wash shampoo. It’ll be easy for you to stock up.


A family favorite for breastfeeding moms, working parents on the go, and kids in need of energy, the classic Kirkland Signature container of nuts is waiting for you!



There is literally nothing to lose with Costco’s double guarantee policy.


Click here to register and scan their QR code to get the latest updates: