Human Kindness


I took this photo in Xujiahui Park of this gentleman feeding this stray cat. He was being very subtle and avoiding attracting attention (thus the rather sober look towards the foreigner with a camera in his face), but this is why I liked him. It seems that he brings this cat a bit of food everyday in a little plastic bottle and feeds the cat from his hands. I saw such tenderness and kindness
in this gesture.

Welcome to the new photoblog project, Shanghai My Eye. Each entry will feature one photo taken somewhere around town that speaks in some way to the experience of living in this mad and marvelous metropolis. The goal is to build up a collection of images of Shanghai as seen through the eye of the shanghaimamas community – beautiful, strange, surprising, alarming, amazing. So please, send me your photos, along with a short paragraph about what the image means to you.

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3 responses to “Human Kindness

  1. Ooooohhh, caaaatsss. They always make me melt. Beautiful capture Mel. The man does have a compassionate look on his face.

    PS: Kellie, did you manage to fiddle with the photo size? It works 😀

  2. Great picture Melanie! I love it when I see a local Chinese show compassion. I have seen so many who are so cruel.

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