Little TEC IS IN ACTION! While Shanghai undergoes continued rounds of preventive measures during COVID, you may have many questions and concerns that arise… Don’t worry, The Expatriate Center (TEC) is here for you! We have consolidated information and resources from the latest news updates, hospital and medical resources, grocery guides and online webinar resources to keep you covered at all times through our Online COVID-19 Hub. Stay informed as we update our hub periodically. Be a good neighbor  and share this poster with family and friends to keep our friends and loved ones safe and well!


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Disclaimer: The Expatriate Center (“TEC”) tries to bring the latest information or updates available on the COVID-19 virus. However, depending on the Chinese government’s regulations, updates and information might also be subjected to change from time to time. TEC does its best to provide such information with the utmost prudence, but does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability and timeliness of such information. Neither is TEC a government body nor a government agency. Thus, all information stated is based on sources listed within each article and will need to be further verified by the reader. All readers are advised and obligated to directly verify information via the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office and the government affairs hotline (Dial 12345) as an official channel.


Please stay safe and adhere to preventive and control measures set by the Municipal Government and Municipal Health Commission. Let’s trust that Shanghai will be great again and normalcy will be restored soon within the city.

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