It’s not Goodbye, it’s Zaijian!

We all know what time of year it is. The dreaded summer season when friends start to pack up, post their sales items and either move back to their home country or to a new destination. We’re sure your weekend and weekdays have been filling up with farewell lunches, last nights out and kids playdates. Secret groups have no doubt been formed to collect money for group farewell gifts so, whether you’re in charge of picking out a “Goodbye Shanghai” present for the group, for friends personally or even for yourself as you plan your departure from China this summer, here is a list of our favorite farewell gifts!




Mahjong Tile Set from Madame Mao’s Dowry

Get transported back to the parks and streets of Shanghai with your own Mahjong set! This lovely set is available in a variety of colors and comes with its own carrying case made of vintage Chinese fabrics.


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Shanghai Skyline Wooden Puzzle from Craft’d

A fun gift for every age and a perfect family activity to remember Shanghai for friends in their new home. We also love the cross-stitch kit from Craft’d!


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Shanghai Skyline Memory Muslin Blanket by Wobabybasics

A perfect and adorable gift for younger babies to remember their time in Shanghai and also keep them warm in their new homes! We also love the Jianbing version!


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Jewelry from Fernanda Sung

Pick out a lovely piece of jewelry from Shanghai-based designer Fernanda Sung. Choose from cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces or pins with the skyline or a more art deco piece.

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Shanghai Memory Game from Shanghai Gift Company

Another fun game for kids that will keep those uniquely Shanghai images in their minds for years to come. Combine this with their Zaijian card for a great set!


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Desk Note Cards from Shanghai Gift Company

These cool desk notes are the perfect token for someone to remember the delicious food items they will be leaving behind!


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Wrapping Paper and Fortune Cookies by Paper Tiger

If you are looking for a cool way to wrap your farewell present, definitely go for Shanghai inspired wrapping paper and gift tags (think Mahjong tiles, skylines and vintage prints).


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Baozi Dog Jacket from Pinyin Press

The perfect goodbye gift for a furry friend, the baozi dog jacket is so fun!


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Tea Towels from Pinyin Press

Who doesn’t want a Jiaozi tea towel to encourage them to make dumplings in their next kitchen? The recipe is even written on the towel!

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DTL Furniture

This is an item which will leave a long-lasting impression of someone’s time in China in their new home – a gorgeous Chinese antique piece such as a colorful credenza or cupboard will surely be the new showcase piece in a room. Make sure this is given before someone’s containers are packed!

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A Photoshoot in Shanghai

Why not gift friends an experience for them that they’ll always remember? Amazing professional photos of themselves in some of their favorite and most iconic spots in Shanghai – think the skyline behind them, the quaint streets of FFC or a traditional temple.

Below images by Shanghai based photographer Nuria Sanchez (scan QR to connect with her).



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Tote Bag from Home Sweet Home

These reversible, stylish and practical bags make a great and practical farewell present. This gift makes an even bigger impact by helping homeless, orphaned and handicapped young adults by purchasing.


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Stylish Home Décor from Light Scene

From artwork and cushions, shopping bags and umbrellas, to trays and clocks, Light Scene has a great selection of stylish Shanghai-inspired items for the home.


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Personalized Canvas Prints from Happy Ink

Order a personalized print with all your friends’ favorite places in Shanghai for a unique farewell gift or choose one of their many other contemporary designs.


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Shanghai Starbucks Mug

Always a favorite for visitors and residents alike and something that won’t take up too much room in someone’s luggage, the iconic and collectable Shanghai mugs (or tumblers) are always a nice reminder of cities people have lived in.

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Pandora Charm

You’ll find a nice variety of China-themed charms to add to someone’s Pandora collection from lucky cats, zodiac animals, characters and more!

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Shanghai Tang

A special and higher priced piece from this modern Chinese chic fashion brand is sure to impress – from modern qipao dresses to lovely silk scarves and foulards, to home items such as candles and décor.

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This Chinese inspired makeup is almost too pretty to use, but how gorgeous is it and a perfect leaving gift for a makeup lover!

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Shanghai Posters

A fun and stylish poster of the Shanghai Metro Line or aerial view of the city will look great on someone’s new wall!

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Terracotta Warriors

From keychain-sized warriors, to large statues to DIY digging sets, there are lots of different ways to incorporate terracotta soldiers in your goodbye gift.

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Lion Head Blanket/Pillow

Here’s a funky way to keep the Chinese culture alive once you leave – these colorful lions heads are fun and cuddly!

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Personalized Chopsticks

Who doesn’t need their own monogrammed chopsticks? What better way to keep up their chopstick skills once you leave China than with a nice set. Hundreds of choices on Taobao so that you won’t need to save all the takeway chopsticks.

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Xiaolongbao Bag

There will be a million uses for this cute bag and a great souvenir of someone’s time spent in the land of xiaolongbaos.

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Kids Qipao

These beautiful qipaos and Chinese style jackets will work for any occasion in the future!

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Porcelain Style Dishes

A set of lovely porcelain bowls or cups make a lovely memento of time spent in China.

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Chinese Garden Stools

Another piece which won’t fit in a suitcase but a standout, these versatile stools will make a great addition and lovely memory of someone’s time in Shanghai. Use it as a stool, side table or just decorative piece! There are endless colors and designs to choose from!

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