Leave Your Books with Shanghai Mamas!

Leaving Shanghai and need to lighten the shipment home? Leave your pre-loved books with us for future book lovers, young and adult, to enjoy.

Shanghai Mamas has previously hosted successful Book “Swap and Shops” since 2020 (Click here to read about our latest book swap). We invite anyone departing Shanghai to contribute books for future book swappers to enjoy by donating them to our next swap before you go. We will miss you greatly and remember you as contributors to our robust literary sharing environment!

A reminder of how our book swap works, you have the option to:

a) Donate only – help your books find a new home! We have several drop-off locations across the city. No registration is needed. Moving this Summer? No need to ship your books around the world!

b) Swap books – for every book you donate, you can choose a new one at the book swap! Sustainable reading at its best.
c) Shop books – come and buy books for 15 RMB each without having to donate any.

We’re looking forward to holding our next book swap in fall 2023. Stay tuned on our official WeChat account!