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Shanghai Mamas is teaming up with Mandarin Community to translate and contextualize some of the trending topics on Chinese social media. Additionally they are providing some helpful vocabulary to further grasp the meaning and concept- thanks, Mandarin Community, for bridging our communities!


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Located at 600 Wanping South Road, Shanghai Mental Health Center is a Tier 3 First Class mental health hospital in Shanghai. There was a time people mentioned it in conversation, but it was always with a touch of teasing and sarcasm.

However, today the people of Shanghai’s experience of the unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures are not so different than the patients in 600 Wanping South Road, whose world is just a ward. Many Shanghai residents, trying to make light of the ordeal, mock themselves and say they are “asymptomatic psychopaths”, finally finding the destination for their soul at 600 Wanping South Road.

This self-deprecating humor has brought a lot of attention to 600 Wanping South Road, and in turn fueled a series of peripheral products now being called ‘discharge souvenirs’. As the people of Shanghai emerge from their homes after months of confinement, these ‘discharge souvenirs’ are in hot demand with people wishing to memorialize this time.


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‘600’ may have started as a jest between friends, but it has taken on a life of its own inadvertently bringing ‘mental health issues’ into the spotlight. It has also de-stigmatized the conversation around mental health since so many people have experienced the struggles around isolation, loneliness, and anxiety first-hand during the pandemic. Now more than ever, the people of Shanghai can empathize with the residents of 600 Wanping South Road, who are always in need of more understanding from society.




Some Helpful Vocabulary


精神 jīng shén = spirit/mental


nǐ kàn qǐ lái jīng shén bù tài hǎo,zuó tiān méi shuì hǎo ma?

You look tired. Did you sleep well yesterday?


患者 huàn zhě = patient


yī yuàn lǐ huàn zhě tài duō le。

There are too many patients in the hospital.


封 fēng = lock/seal


wǒ mén xiǎo qū yǐ jīng fēng le liǎng gè yuè。

Our neighborhood has been locked down for two months.


疯 fēng = crazy


rú guǒ hái yào fēng yī gè yuè,nà dà jiā dōu yào fēng le。

If the lockdown lasts for another month, everyone is going to lose their mind


自嘲 zì cháo = self-mock


tā cháng cháng ná zì jǐ de zhōng wén zì cháo,suī rán tā de zhōng wén yǐ jīng hěn bù cuò le。

She often laughed about her Chinese, but actually she speaks pretty good Chinese.


无症状 wú zhèng zhuàng = asymptomatic


xiàn zài dà bù fēn de bìng lì dōu shì wú zhèng zhuàng,bù yòng dān xīn。

Most cases are asymptomatic, so don’t worry.


解封 jiě fēng = reopen /open up


tīng shuō 6 yuè kāi shǐ,huì yǒu yuè lái yuè duō de xiǎo qū jiě fēng。

It is said that more and more compounds will be reopened from June.


团购 tuán gòu = group purchase


xiàn zài xiǎo qū dōu shì tuán gòu,bù néng yòng è le me。

Now all compounds are doing group purchase. Eleme doesn’t work at this moment.


纪念 jì niàn = commemorate/memorize


lǚ yóu de shí hòu,kě yǐ mǎi diǎn xiǎo dōng xī,jì niàn yī xià nà cì lǚ yóu。

When you travel, you can buy small souvenirs to memorize the nice time.


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