Love On Wheels


Took this sometime in 2009 on Maoming Lu.  The bikes are mine and my husbands, although my particular bike in this photo has since been stolen – part of life in Shanghai – I’ve had 2 bikes stolen in 2.5 years!

Welcome to the new photoblog project, Shanghai My Eye. Each entry will feature one photo taken somewhere around town that speaks in some way to the experience of living in this mad and marvelous metropolis. The goal is to build up a collection of images of Shanghai as seen through the eye of the shanghaimamas community – beautiful, strange, surprising, alarming, amazing. So please, send me your photos, along with a short paragraph about what the image means to you.

Email contributions to: You are welcome to submit as many photos as you like, but separately please – only one photo and description per email.

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  1. Aww, shucks – that’s my photo. We love a good good bike ride around town and even better when we go off the map!

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