Make Easter Hoppier This Year

By Laetitia Lemin



Easter will definitely be looking a lot different for us this year, and you may not be able to get all those Taobao crafts or chocolate Easter eggs now, but with a slight twist, you can still entertain the little ones with some fun indoor activities. Our community chats have been filled with unique ideas, which we hope will make the upcoming holiday a bit more eggciting.


Tin Can Bunnies

All you need is some colored or white paper and any can/jar/tin to make these cute little bunnies.


Easter Bunting

If you have access to a printer and some string, you can easily find lots of templates online to decorate eggs and then string colored paper eggs.


Egg blowing and Decoration

What is egg blowing you ask? We all don’t want to waste our coveted and limited supply of eggs, so no worries, nothing is wasted!

First, you make a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg. *Pro tip – You can put a little sticky tape over it and then use a pin or needle to make a hole to stop it cracking.

Next, blow through the top to the bottom to expel the white and yolk out. Give it a quick rinse and you’ll be left with the shell, perfect for decorating. You’ll need to be delicate in the decorating.


Easter Poppers

Add a little fun to your festive meal with these easy-to-make Easter Poppers. All you need is some cardboard toilet roll tubed and anything to cover them, such as paper, tissue or ripped up fabric from clothes you don’t need.


Alternative Egg Hunt

Obviously, we won’t be able to do any outdoor egg hunts this year, but you can still have some indoor hunting fun:

  • Hide some chocolates, toys, or other sweets around the house. You can hide them in clever spots like tissue boxes, behind some books on the shelf or in napkins on the table
  • Instead of chocolates, you write different activities on egg shaped cutouts and hide them around the house to find
  • You can even turn it into an egg scramble and mark each “easter egg” with a letter of the alphabet and leave a list of words for them to find by seeking out all the letters they need to spell the words on their list


Cardboard Wreath/Bouquet

If you have any cardboard or egg cartons in the house, you can cut them apart, paint with some acrylics and arrange into a beautiful wreath.

To make your wreath base, you can use some large mixing bowls to trace circles onto your cardboard and cut it out. It might be handy to have some sharp scissors and a glue gun for this activity.


Bunny Hop Party

This activity may not be as fun for your neighbors below, however if you need to get the kids to burn some energy and have a blast, get them hopping! Play some fun music and hop away!


We wish you a happy and healthy Easter holiday. Many thanks to the Shanghai Mamas in our community (Claire Barton, Melanie Ham and Cynthia Scott) for sharing some of these creative ideas.