#mamaswaitingitout: Winner Announcements

Congratulations to all of the winners in our #mamaswaitingitout competition!

Send us a message on this account if you’re a winner who hasn’t yet received information about how to collect your prize.

Scroll down to see some ideas for activities while Waiting It Out from our entries!

The 28 prizes and their winners are:

  • Two classes of floorball from Floorball Centre Pro won by Eva,
  • 300 RMB credit from Jitterbugs for  Bhu-Va-Na,
  • two passes for Playmaker won by Laetitia,
  • Generation First is giving one hike to @aurel_la_aurelto enjoy on May 3,
  • a goody basket valued at 500 RMB from Epermarket for Erin Rowe,
  • a water filter from Greenwave won by Jennifer Tyler,
  • Kern are providing our Shanghai Mamas maps, framed, to Adelya,
  • two tickets to UnTour’s popular Street Eats Breakfast Food Tour (which has just started up again!) to Sarah Krasicki,
  • FlowCycle is giving Diane and a friend two classes,
  • restaurant vouchers from Abbey Road and Hungry Lung’s Kitchen are getting Janette, Kellie Henry, Nikki Malek, @ridealongwiththers, Rosie, and Joe back to Happy Hour in every sense,
  • Green and Gorgeous is sponsoring two boxes of Blossom of Youth Infusion Masks for maximum skin cell renewal and anti-aging for Patricia Lee and Milin Ip Parsons,
  • valued at 1038 RMB, Zurita’s Crystal Silk shirt is ethically produced, beautiful, and will feel great on Sarah Peel’s skin,
  • a family veggie box from Goma Greens is going to Jenny,
  • Janette also won a de-stressing Pukaki massage oil that our team is drooling over from Eu Noia,
  • Soapnut Republic’s Kitchen Bundle is helping @sofiawettegar keep your home clean,
  • @hasumachi1 won two tickets to join a Historic Shanghai walk to learn more about this wonderful place we call home,
  • @joe_hotpotmomma won a 6-month coffee subscription from Jonas Emil (that’s 12 bags of Shanghai Silhouette coffee!),
  • @sunsetgirl_of_the_east won one week of healthy toddler meals delivered by Little Ones (which, it turns out, her toddler was already eating in her quarantine!),
  • the moon will be on @laetitialemin’s finger with a gorgeous ring from Okra,
  • and Shari Rosen, Sofia, and @raisingmuslimsabroad get cookie canvases from Strictly Cookies –a delicious activity to enjoy together while Waiting It Out.