Mop Tops


Mops. Not the first thing you think of when thinking about Shanghai but they definitely play a role…This shot was taken on Xinle Lu before I had kids.  I loved how the light was hitting them.


Welcome to the new photoblog project, Shanghai My Eye. Each entry will feature one photo taken somewhere around town that speaks in some way to the experience of living in this mad and marvelous metropolis. The goal is to build up a collection of images of Shanghai as seen through the eye of the shanghaimamas community – beautiful, strange, surprising, alarming, amazing. So please, send me your photos, along with a short paragraph about what the image means to you.

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5 responses to “Mop Tops

  1. There’s something about this picture that is so compelling. I think it is because to me they look like seven girls, and the ‘girl’ on ether side of the one in the middle is turned towards her, whispering in her ears, like children queued up in the schoolyard or something exchanging a giggly secret.

    Anyone else see it, or have I just had a little too much wine?

  2. I was thinking a bunch of old ladies – but it does remind me of women/girls/humans! Great shot!

  3. Wow, really love the shadows and the way this photo makes me feel. This is exactly the kind of mops my mom used in my childhood…my mom used to do the same, place mop in backyard and I used to do some braids and ponytails on them 😉

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