No Nonsense Mommy tips: deal with bumps and bruises like a boss


Preventing bumps and bruises on kids is as good as preventing global warming by chewing gum. It’s hopeless. Kids are just magnets for it.  My little explorer jumped off the dining table when my head was turned; after drying the tears and wiping off blood on his lips, he zipped up the table again. So I just learned to deal with the booboos better.

A bruise happens when a force breaks blood vessels near the skin’s surface, allowing some blood to leak into the tissues under the skin, whereas bumps are swelling caused by fluid under the skin’s surface. Left on their own, pain and tenderness should get better in a few days and the bruise should be gone within a couple of weeks. 


Simple ways to minimize pain, swelling, and bruising.

I200w_d (1)CE ICE BABY

Apply a cold compress on the affected area for 10 minutes, best if done every 2 hours for the first 48 hours. You can use a bag of ice or frozen peas, just make sure to cover it with a towel. Don’t put ice directly on skin because it may cause frostbite, and we don’t want that.

(Make your own reusable, bendable ice pack)

a09ef0989c06b186b82d163a5a54586dADD WARMTH

We don’t mean just giving some TLC. After 48 hours, you can use a warm compress on the area.

(Make your own warm compress)




As much as possible, elevate the affected area above the heart level. DO NOT MOVE limb or body when there’s a suspected bone fracture or spinal injury. Call 120 instead.   





Alternatively, you can help the body heal itself quicker. Try plant–based salves such as Bebebalm Scar Rescue stick. It is made with skin cell regenerating ingredients such as Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Helichrysum and Frankincense that naturally help prevent and lessen bumps and bruising.

(Taobao key word: Scar Rescue stick)



Relax the affected area and don’t move it too much, to prevent further damage. 



A mother’s kiss is magic. It may not soothe the boo-boo, but it sure will make your little one feel better.





Dr. Michael Ong, MD of Shanghai Rui Dong Hospital advises to do the 4-way assessment: 

  1. BLEEDING . If there’s external bleeding, stop the bleeding first before attending to the bruise. (I’ll discuss this topic in the next article.) If the bleeding can’t be stopped, go to the emergency room immediately. 
  2. SIZE. If the bruise or bump is larger than a 1 RMB coin, or if the size keeps growing, seek medical attention.
  3. LOCATION. If the bump or bruise is on the head or abdomen, pay extra attention. Observe for signs for head injury or internal bleeding. 
  4. PAIN. Check for severity and progression of pain. See a doctor asap if there’s extreme pain, swelling or redness, or you can’t move a joint. Or if the swelling and pain does not go do significantly within 48 hours.


Seek medical attention when the bruise is not healing, or getting worse.  Or when a bruise appears on skin for no apparent reason. Or when you’re taking blood-thinning medication. Or when in doubt.


Do you have tips on managing booboos? Do share in the comments section. And watch out for tips on cuts and bleeding in the next article!


 *The article is not meant to replace medical advice nor treatment.  


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