Recap | International Women’s Day Luncheon

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, Shanghai Mamas teamed up with Brits Abroad Shanghai, Shanghai Expatriate Association, Deutscher Club Shanghai and American Club Shanghai to host a luncheon to support the female leaders of tomorrow and celebrate the achievements in our international community.



Thanks for all who were able to attend the luncheon! We raised over 24,000 RMB for Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC). This organization has sponsored more than 1400 girls and young women with their high school and university educations.



A special thanks to Italo Trattoria for hosting the event and the many, many businesses who donated raffle prizes to support the cause.



Many of you may recall, as part of this initiative, we put out a call for businesses owned or run by women to participate in an informal directory we were assembling for International Women’s Day. We are pleased to share our finished product with everyone. This “directory” is more than just a list of businesses; it’s really about the women behind them as we asked each person to share with us a story about a women who has inspired them. Their answers are diverse and fascinating and we hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed putting this together.


(Click on the image above to open the directory)


Thanks to all who made this day a wonderful celebration!


About EGRC


Established in 2005 in Vancouver Canada, Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) provides young women in rural Western China with access to high school and university education through financial sponsorship and emotional support.


About the Organisations Behind This Initiative



The Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA) is a non-profit, multinational, member-based organization that is run by member volunteers. SEA was established in 1986 to provide an enriching social and cultural network for expat families in Shanghai and it is one of the largest groups of its kind in China. SEA is unique in that its members represent approximately 40 nationalities and have over 20 events, trips, and small group activities planned each month for their 350+ member families. Membership is open to any non-PRC passport holder.


Brits Abroad Shanghai is a not-for-profit group run by a committee of volunteers. Our aim is to provide a welcoming environment for expatriates living in Shanghai – supporting new arrivals through those first few bewildering weeks and organising a wide variety of social events and other activities. Full membership is open to families who live in or near Shanghai, where at least one family member holds a British passport. We also welcome families of other nationalities as associate members to make up to 40% of our total membership.


The German Club Shanghai was founded in 1998 and is a private organisation based in Shanghai. With many members from the German community in Shanghai, we have formed a powerful and reliable non-profit network for over 20 years.

The German Club Shanghai wants to support, connect and build bridges. We want to offer expat spouses in particular many opportunities to talk to each other, so that they can feel “at home” in Shanghai as quickly as possible. We organise numerous events and trips, some of which take place at weekends or in the evenings, so that working people can also take part. And we have been supporting selected charitable projects in the greater Shanghai area for years.


The American Club Shanghai (ACS) is a non-profit social organization whose mission is to provide expatriates in Shanghai a foundation for living in and embracing their new environment. We do so by sharing fundamental tools and information while celebrating the diversity of an international community.


Shanghai Mamas is a diverse community that encourages thriving international families in Shanghai, China since 2006.

We have 5,000+ members from all over the world, making us the largest international community in Shanghai. Many parents cite Shanghai Mamas as their key source to find their niche in the city, make lifelong friends, and manage the day to day confusion of living and parenting in Shanghai. Membership is free!