Reflections of Moon on Water


Introducing a new ShanghaiMamas blog about spirituality, holistic health, personal journeys, and living life.

Why the name?

Because before moving to China I read a book about Chinese medicine for women¹ where it likened women to the moon – just as the moon has different phases in its cycle so do we in our lives and I liked that 🙂 The book encourages women to be kinder to themselves and their bodies as they move through phases of transition… I think that’s particularly important in a city like Shanghai where a lot of things are outward facing (money money money) and also where as expat women we have given up quite a lot to follow our men! I’m sorry by the way for any man reading this blog – you gave up a lot as well I am sure but this is written for Shanghai mamas… I also apologise for any Shanghai mama who did not follow her man to be here – this is simply my perspective 🙂 For those who did though (and even those who didn’t!) – WELL DONE for being so brave to come all the way out here, what an adventure!!!

In this blog I plan to reflect on how fabulous we all are and about how we should and could be kinder to ourselves here in Shanghai given the many challenges that we face as mothers, wives, citizens of the universe and last but certainly not least – women.


1. Zhao Xiaolan “Traditional Chinese Medicine for Women. Reflections of the Moon on Water”

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  1. Your blog sounds like it’s going to be fantastic. You have a really good point about “being kinder to ourselves” and I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂

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