School Daze: Facing the Split

Recently, I’ve met a few families who have been in less than optimal situations regarding their schooling for their children. They have to face the dreaded split campus or split schools situation (enter horror scream here).

Basically, this is when there is not seat availability for all children on at one school and families must make the difficult decision of whether or not to keep the kids at the same school, but different campuses (ie, SAS, SCIS, Yew Chung, BISS, etc), or, keep the kids in the same area, but different schools.


In admissions, I’ve seen parents go through this struggle, some successfully, some not. Parents who I see have done it well are those who are able to “sell it” well to their kids. So, if do find yourself in this situation, consider a few pointers:


  1. Live in a strategic location so that bus rides are manageable. If worst comes to worst, make the hubby (or yourself for the working mamas out there) do the long commute! Spare your children, if you can, from a long bus ride.


  1. “Sell” your kids on the school they are enrolling into. You have chosen this school because mom and dad feel that this is the best school for your child’s personality. Highlight a particular class, sport, or activity that you felt your child would just love.


  1. Be careful about comparisons and what you say around your children. This is one of the golden rules of parenting anyway right? If they sense that you feel one school is better than the other, this will impact their transition.


  1. Finally! You’ve got the admission to get your kids at the same school! Before you accept, are you moving your child mid-year? How will your child handle the transition (having possibly just transitioned into a new school and possibly even a new country)? How is your child doing in his/her current situation? While it’s tempting to finally get the kids on the same school calendar, do first consider the big picture and your child’s social and emotional well-being before your convenience.


It’s not easy, but, it has been done (probably more than I’m aware of) and done well. Stay positive and optimistic and look for the many benefits that having kids in different campuses/schools can bring to your family.


– contributed by M.E.

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