Senior Couples Remarry to Celebrate Their “Golden Wedding”

During the Chongyang Festival also know as Senior Festival (October 9th), 24 elderly married couples from Chengdu (Sichuan Province) decided to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary by tying the knot for the second time. 

50 years ago marriage was a lot different. There were no banquets, no bridal gowns and no rings. Your parents had a meeting with another family and if they felt that both families were suited for each other, you were married with their son or daughter.

For these 24 couples, this is the first time they wore formal wedding clothes. They have joined hands for the last 50 years, they have raised children and grandchildren together, and to them this moment feels like closure. They have just realized again that they could not live without each other.


“My wife is a great beauty” – Chen Jiguang and Zhu Zifang: 54 years of marriage.


Zhu Zifang is wearing a wedding gown sitting on a swing outside. Many young people are fascinated and take pictures of her. Grandpa Chen asked her, “It’s raining, are you cold?” Chen breaks a smile and says, “When she was young, my wife was a great beauty.  Now, although she is older, she can still get a lot of people’s attention”.


“Marriage is for life” – Wu Rangjiang and Gao Linfeng:  54 years of marriage.


Since we got married in 1962 we have been supporting and helping each other.  Gao says, “Which married couples does not argue? We do argue, but we can endure each other. After you are married, you have to make the best out of life as husband and wife.”


“64 years after we are still holding each other’s hand” – Fan Junqing and Zou Qirong:  64 years of marriage.


Fan Junqing recalls, “We did not have a marriage ceremony, our families were very poor, and we got married just after our parents had a meeting…since we got married, our favorite hobby is to play cards. Now we have been playing together for 64 years.  Also, every day after diner, we go out for a walk holding hands.  Half a century has passed and we are still holding hands.”


“You are the only one in my heart” – Liu Bangfu and Leng Yunqing: 52 years of marriage.


Liu Bangfu is the stickiest bridegroom ever.  While other bridegrooms are all having a rest, he is standing behind his wife while she is putting on make-up.  When he was younger, he served at the PSB of Danbasen.  Due to work, he could only return home once or twice a year. His wife Leng Yunqing stayed home farming and raising the children.


“Understanding each other is the only way to grow old together” – He Duoyou and Xubenying: 51 years of marriage.


“We met for the first time through a matchmaker and we became husband and wife. In a twinkle of an eye we got white hair and now we are celebrating 50 years of marriage. Life is now so good; we have enough food and clothes to wear, in the past this was not conceivable. To be able to grow old together, old people have their own secret: understanding each other.”



牵手 qiān shǒu – hold hands

拉扯大(lāchědà– bring up /raise (child)

老伴 (lǎobàn) – husband or wife

婚礼(hūnlǐ – wedding ceremony

婚纱 hūnshā– bridal gown

戒指 jièzhi– ring

金婚 jīnhūn– golden wedding

吵架 (chǎojià) – quarrel

理解 (lǐjiě) – understanding

重阳节 chóngyángjié– Chong Yang Festival OR Double Ninth Festival

宴请 (yànqǐng) – invite to dinner

媒人 (méirén) – matchmaker

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