Shanghai Jia You!

Are you finding it hard to sit still while others are dashing around fighting the virus?  Here are a few opportunities to volunteer and help the community right now.


The Expatriate Center (TEC) is a non-profit organization registered and supported by the Shanghai municipal government to help expatriates “Build A Home Away From Home”. If you have volunteered or would like to join TEC’s volunteer team or send a message of support during this special times, please contact TEC here.



Bloodline reports that Shanghai City blood supply needs refueling as well. Blood donation is needed by eligible donors to help replenish the city’s blood supply. To learn more, contact Bloodline.


Message from Dr. MASKAY founder of Bloodline:


There is a lot of uncertainty and fear in the air and I opt to fight back… with positive vibes.
I am initiating a SOCIAL MEDIA POSITIVITY CAMPAIGN with the hashtag #SHJY.
If you agree , please share a small picture or video (10-30 seconds holding your phone in horizontal mode) on your moments with a hashtag #SHJY (Shanghai! Jia You! 上海加油!)with a small message of positivity and healing together.
Also pass to your circles to do the same.
Let us see how many messages appear!
After all, we are here to support each other no matter what the circumstances.