Shanghai Mamas Introduces: A Cooking Journey by Camille Mallet



Shanghai Mamas is proud to introduce Shanghai Mama, Camille Mallet, author of a gorgeous new children’s book that takes you on the adventures of Tao and Capucine (inspired by Camille’s own children & friends) and their culinary adventures in Shanghai. We love the beautiful illustrations, the familiar Shanghai locales, and most of all the inspiration that led Camille to fulfil a longtime dream of writing a baking book for children. There is a special offer to get this unique keepsake for Shanghai Mamas before the book is officially released (see below).



The book “A Cooking Journey” is above all a souvenir book which traces the encounters of our two adventurers during their first 3 years in Shanghai. The book was written by Camille Mallet, a pastry mom and full-time reader of stories.



Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you have been in Shanghai.


Camille: My family and I have been in Shanghai for 3.5 years. 10 days after our arrival, I got pregnant with a little boy! We have one daughter Capucine 6.5 years and a son, Tao 2.5 years.


How did you come to the idea of writing a children’s book?



Camille: It’s been a while since I wanted to write a baking book for children. And last year (2020), I embarked on this crazy gourmet project.

It was my two children, Capucine and Tao, who were my inspiration. The moments of accomplices in the kitchen, their desire to learn to bake and this magnificent passion for books, tales and stories.

I said to myself “Why not? “

Why not combine their story, their adventure with their friends from all over the world and my world of pastry?



In this book, everything is true. Camille, Emilie, Gloria, Julia, Vera, Emiliano, Martina, Pedro, Idris, Nico, Vega, Noé, Ellie, Imane, Lina, Ethan, Clara, Mikko, Andri, Mia are the friends of Tao and Capucine.

Meeting places are the places where their families love to meet.

The recipes in the book are the recipes that friends make with their parents.

I just imagined the plot and their means of transport to travel around the world … But, that, I do not reveal to you right away 🙂


The book is in English French and Chinese (72 pages, 12 recipes from 12 different countries: China, South Korea, Mexico, Brasil, Venezuela, Algeria, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy ) and will be published in April.

But you can pre-order it now and receive it before everybody!