Shanghai Mamas Introduces: Modern Littles

Shanghai Mamas is proud to introduce Shanghai Mama Allison Kopher, owner of Modern Littles, who conceptualised the brand and built from the ground up – all whilst being a busy mom of 2 boys.

Modern Littles is also offering Shanghai Mamas a special discount on the beautiful collection of modern and sustainable children’s range.

My family and I have been in Shanghai for 2.5 years after spending 1.5 years in Beijing. Since we arrived in Shanghai we also added one child to our family! Our two sons are Simon, 4.5 years, and Benedict, 8 months.

When my first son was born in Germany, I became familiar with some beautiful baby/kid brands that I realized were difficult to source here once we moved. From the beginning, my goal was to help my son understand the idea that “less is more” and there’s certain toys that can age many years with a child compared to other toys that are flashy to children but are much more “single use” and get discarded in the corner after a day or two of play. I wanted to surround him with multi-function toys that can be used in many ways and for many years. Modern Littles was born out of the idea of finding that one-stop shop full of beautiful and high-quality toys, interior products and furniture.

Actually, Shanghai Mamas was one of the first resources I became familiar with, which was instrumental in helping me find my footing in Shanghai. I recognized immediately how helpful the community is in Shanghai, and also what stood out is the entrepreneurial spirit which inspired me to start up Modern Littles.

I wanted to source beautiful brands from all corners of the world that were less well-known, but focused on sustainability, simplicity and beautiful design. The first step, of course, was setting up my company in China, which was an ordeal in and of itself. But with the help of lots of other ladies (and men) who have done it before me, Modern Littles was born.

The next tricky step was communicating with brands. I knew that reaching out from China may come across as awkward for many small brands in the West, given how China can be perceived. I know that many people are scared of being copied etc and with no previous presence in China, my message may be ignored. I decided to take a leap and flew to Paris last minute in order to just introduce myself in person at a huge design tradeshow called Maison et Objet. It paid off to be able to learn more about what each of the brands I had on my list were doing in China, find out what their future plans were, and most importantly, meet them in person. As a bonus, mama had a little me-time in the City of Lights.

Currently, the entire assortment of Modern Littles products are available in our Wechat store.