Shanghai Mamas Introduces: Powerful Positive Parenting

​Every so often, we take a moment to spotlight a business or organization run by a member of the Shanghai Mamas community. This week, Shanghai Mamas is proud to feature Shanghai Mama Miki Cutuli, founder of Powerful Positive Parenting.

Powerful Positive Parenting is also offering Shanghai Mamas a special discount on private consulting.



Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you have been in Shanghai.

Miki: We moved to Shanghai 3 years ago from Spain (I am Italian-Spanish) where our first daughter was born. During our time so far in China, we have added a set of twins to make a family of 5.

I discovered Shanghai Mamas even before we moved, finding the website and asking to be added to the WeChat group: it was my lifeline for the first months in a completely new country, the morning coffees gave me hope in the complicated period of adaptation and made me feel at home. The online community helped me thanks to the constant availability and valuable information shared.



Tell us about your brand. Why did you create your organization, how you started the business?

Miki: I started working with children 15 years ago, I am a basketball coach and while I was finishing the university in Italy (BA in Communication and MA in Psychology) I specialized in Montessori activities related to sport, life in the city and family life, collaborating with many schools in my home country.

During the following years I have always worked in two sectors at the same time, food & beverage and psychology, the first gave me economic inputs and the second has always been my great passion.

During my first pregnancy, I decided to become a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, which has a lot in common with the Montessori method, and from there my training path in the fields of positive parenting began, which includes positive discipline, child psychology, emotional intelligence, growth mindset and finally positive psychology.

During the private coaching sessions after analyzing together with the parents their struggles and targets, we look for the possible solutions and tools respecting their parenting style and the kind of relationship they would like to build with their kids.

During my workshops, some of the topics we learn to handle and discuss about are: temper tantrums, engage kids’ collaboration, everyday hassles such as bed time, homework, chores…, siblings relationships, understanding emotions, dealing with kids’ behavior, creating connection and bonding, taking care of yourself and your partner, positive communication and more…)



Where Can We Find Positive Parenting?

Miki: I’m available for private coaching and consulting as well as to run workshops and courses for parents and teachers.



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