Shanghai Winter Activities for the Family

By Naz Lim


In the winter, Shanghai loves a good soak in a heated pool, snoozing in a sauna, getting a massage or napping in a lounge chair with a movie on. Here is a starter list of Shanghai spas/saunas that are family-friendly, have indoor water parks and playgrounds. Alternatively, if you want to embrace the cold, a number of winter activities around town are also listed.

(Follow the WeChat account or check Dianping (大众点评) for the latest information, opening times, discounts and ticket purchases.)


For the spa, usual etiquette is to firstly enter separated male and female change rooms (boys over 90 cm are not able to enter female change rooms and vice versa). In the change rooms, store your clothes and belongings in a locker and take a shower, then you have the option of a naked soak in various heated pools. After showering and soaking, change into the spa clothes provided and continue on to the communal areas. Communal areas include saunas, swimming pools, kid’s playgrounds, lounging areas, entertainment areas and buffet. Don’t forget to bring swimming clothes and a swim cap for the communal pools!

Oriental Spa (红馆东方泉都)

Main building 1, lane 2088, Wuzhong road, Changning (nearest metro is Hangzhong road station, line 10, exit 2)


A popular indoor and outdoor spa in the summer, it is also open during the winter. After a soak in the outdoor heated pools, head inside to find restaurants, saunas, lounge areas and a play centre for the kids.

Tickets: 328rmb/adult, 198rmb/child (height between 90-140cm, children under 90cm are free).

Open Monday to Friday 14:00-23:00, Saturday and Sunday 11:00-23:00.

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Highton Spaland (哈一顿桑拿)

Room 101, 4F, 655 Wubao road, Changning (Luolai Life Plaza, nearest metro is Qibao station, line 9, exit 6)


Highton Spaland has all the spa facilities (soak baths, saunas, lounge areas, Mahjong tables, cinema, reading café and arcade), as well as a kid’s playground and water park suitable for the family. Water park closed on Mondays, except holidays.

Tickets: 189rmb/person, 99rmb/child (height between 90-140cm, children below 90cm are free), 477rmb/2 adults and 1 child.

Open daily all day.

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Linlinyu (霖林雨)

3065 Hongshen road, Minhang (near Caobao raod, nearest metro is Xingzhong road station, line 9, exit 2).


Japanese-style spa/sauna, includes a Japanese buffet, lounge areas that fit the whole family in a little pod and activity rooms for the kids.

Tickets: 198rmb/person (height between 60-140cm, below 60cm are free).

Open daily all day.

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Gokurakuyu (极乐汤)

398 Qilianshan south road, Putuo (nearest metro is Qilianshan South road station, line 13, exit 2).


A chain of Japanese-style spas that have lots of different play rooms for kids, lounge areas and sauna rooms. Other locations include Biyun, Chuansha and Jiading.

Tickets: 158rmb/adult, 68rmb/child (height between 90-140cm, children under 90cm are free).

Open daily 10:00-02:00.

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Shangyin Living Water World (上引生活水世界)

396 Zhonghua new road, Jing’an (nearest metro is Zhongxing road station, line 8, exit 1)


Facilities include a Hong Kong-style restaurant, Children’s playground (ball pit, slides, climbing gym, arcade), panda-themed leisure areas and large pools equipped with slides. There may also be a cat petting room.

Tickets: 191rmb/person.

Open daily 10:00-24:00.

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South America Paradise (南美乐园)

Lane 9356, 9 Hunan road, Pudong (inside Huizhan International Business Center).


Lounge areas, sauna rooms, cinema rooms with bean bags, kid’s playground, buffet and a water park. Water park opens from 12:00-20:00.

Tickets: 128rmb/adult, 98rmb/child (height below 1.3 meters).

Open daily 10:00-24:00.

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Shui Zhi Xing/Water Star (水之星)

Building 1, 6 Fuyun road, Jiading (nearest metro is Baiyin road station, line 11, exit 1)


Facilities include hot spring, adult and children’s swimming pool, children’s water park, saunas, playgrounds, arcades and a Korean-style restaurant. Children’s water park opens only on weekends (10:00-22:00).

Tickets: 109rmb/adult, 69rmb/child, 178rmb/1 adult and 1 child (height between 90-140cm, below 90cm are free).

Open daily all day.

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Snow1 Ice and Snow Park (SNOW1冰雪乐园)

6c02, 6/F, 2-68 New World City, Nanjing West road (nearest metro is People’s Square station, line 2, exit 7)


Ice skating rink near People’s Park.

Tickets: 100rmb/person for 2 hours.

Open daily 11:00-20:30.

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Dream of Skiing Ice Paradise, Changfeng Ice & Snow Carnival (乐滑之梦冰乐园,长风冰雪嘉年华)

Central square, 1F, Changfeng Joy City, 196 Daduhe road (opposite gate 4, Changfeng Park, nearest metro is Changfeng Park station, line 15, exit 2)


Pop-up ice skating rink at Changfeng Joy City. To help get you around the ice there are seal-shaped chairs available. Dream of Skiing Ice Paradise can also be found at other locations around Shanghai; Huangpu Greenland Colorful City (黄浦绿地缤纷城) and Jing’an IMIX park (静安大融城).

Tickets: 100rmb/person for 90 minutes.

Open daily 10:00-22:00 (last admission at 20:30).

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ICE FAMILY (宝山日月光店)

Room 301, 313, 314, 3/F, Building H, Baoshan Riyueguang Center, 1933 Hutai road (nearest metro is Dachang Town station, line 7, exit 1)


Ice skating rink fun for the whole family. Look out for the mascot, an ice-skating polar bear, who sometimes comes out to join the fun on the ice. Find someone to skate you around while you take a break on a seal-shaped chair, or push the kids around on it. There is also an ICE FAMILY at Lalaport mall in Jinqiao, Pudong.

Tickets: pre-book rink times (check their Dianping) for 69rmb/adult, 68rmb/child or 99rmb/one adult and child for 90 minutes. Child must be between 90-199cm.

Open daily 10:00-22:00.

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Himalayan Ice and Snow Park (喜马拉雅冰雪乐园)

706, 7/F, Aegean Park, 1588 Wuzhong road, Hongqiao (nearest metro is Longbai Xincun station, line 10, exit 3)


An indoor ice and snow park equipped with taboggan slides, bikes and playground all dusted nicely with falling snow.

Tickets: 158rmb/person, 238rmb/one adult and one child, 298rmb/two adults and a child.

Open daily 10:00-21:00.

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Four Seasons Ice and Snow Park (四李冰雪乐园)

A-004-006, 3F, Fantasy Sky, 6200 Jiasong Middle road (near Yuanzu’s dream world)


Taboggan slides and rides, snow, igloos and ice sculptures, like a mini version of the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, but in Shanghai.

Tickets: 128rmb/person, 199rmb/one adult and one child, 269rmb/two adults and a child.

Open daily 10:00-20:00.

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SNOW51 (Xingye Taikouhui Store/兴业太古汇店)

L375, 288 Shimen first road

石门一路288号L375室 (nearest metro is Nanjing West road station, line 13, exit 7)

Want to hit the slopes, but need to brush up on your skiing or snowboarding technique? Head to your nearest SNOW51 store. Each store is equipped with an in-store slope, a handful of teachers and classes for adults and kids to learn or practice skiing and snowboarding. They have multiple locations around Shanghai; Jing’an Temple, Huaihai road, Hongqiao, BFC Bund, LALAPORT Jinqiao, Pudong Kerry. Some of the stores collaborate with a sportsbrand, so they also have ski and snowboarding gear for sale.

Tickets: pre-book with the store, 1 hour classes start at 188rmb/person for weekends, 138rmb/person for weekends, 298rmb/2 adults, 288rmb/1 adult and child, 418rmb/2 adults and 1 child.

Open daily 10:00-22:00.

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SNOWGATE Skiing (Laoximen store/老西门店)

B1, 1131 Yuanbo Business, Fuxing East road (nearest metro is Laoximen station, line 10, exit 6)


Be ski ready by taking a class at SNOWGATE. They have multiple locations around Shanghai; Laoximen, IM Shanghai and Fuxing Hui.

Tickets: pre-book with the store, 1 hour classes start at 198rmb/person, 218rmb/2 adults for weekdays, 328rmb/2 adults for weekends.

Open daily 10:00-20:00.

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Not too keen on winter sports or the spa/sauna? Take the kids to an indoor play centre and let them run wild. Or need a kid-friendly restaurant for lunch with friends? Check out the following locations in our earlier article below.

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All images in this article are taken from Dianping.