Shanghai Young Bakers’ Kids Camp & Baking Classes

Charitable organisation, Shanghai Young Bakers is offering a kids camp next week as well as their usual baking classes through to the end of April. Read below to find out more.


Give an orphan some bread, you feed him for one day; teach him how to bake, you feed him for a lifetime!


Kids Camp


As holidays in French schools are approaching in mid-March, we at Shanghai Young Bakers have planned a special two-day kids camp to keep your kids busy all day long! We hope that as usual, they will enjoy the program we have prepared for them.



Day 1 March 15


The first day will be dedicated to bakery. What is better than celebrating the Year of the Tiger with “Tiger Bread”?! While this small loaf of bread looks like an ordinary plain white bread from the inside, its crust is actually designed as the coat of the tiger from the outside. Roarrr…

The kids will also have the chance to learn from our bakery teacher the recipe of the well-known French Raisin Rolls that will sweeten their day.


Day 2 March 16


The strawberry will be the star on the second day. Our pastry chef will help the kids prepare the famous “Fraisier”. It is a typical French strawberry cake composed of different layers of genoise, mousseline cream, and strawberries among other ingredients. Sweet and refreshing, it’s a great dessert to end the strawberry season in Shanghai and welcome the spring with.

On top of that, let’s add a few jam cookies that will bring some more fun to this fruity journey.



Details of the workshop:


Date/Time: Tuesday March 15th and/or Wednesday March 16th, 9:45am-3:15pm

Venue: SYB Baking Center, 889 Suide lu, Putuo district 普陀区绥德路889号

Required age: 10 years old and above

Price: 640rmb per day or 1,150rmb for two days (price includes lunch and daily production)

How to sign up? Contact our staff Virginie by WeChat (scan the QR code below or add our WeChat ID: shanghaiyoungbakerss) or by email (

All profits support our charity training program. Thank you for your support!

Seats are limited. Sign up for your kids now! 


Baking Classes


Let’s not forget our regular classes! Here is the schedule we have designed for the coming months:


3.26 Saturday: Saint-Honoré (pastry class for adults)

Our pastry chef will teach you how to prepare the classic cream puffcake called “Saint-Honoré” that requires so many pastry techniques, including custard cream, cream puffs, Italian meringue. Our teacher will also demonstrate how to prepare a handmade puff pastry for your reference.


4.9 Saturday: Easter Chocolate Eggs (family class)

Join us for a fun afternoon with your kids in our special Easter class! We will make a nice chocolate nest to welcome big and small chocolate eggs. We will also help you prepare some delicate decorations such as butterflies and flowers in order to beautify your Easter gift pack!


4.23 Saturday: Rye Bread and Cinnamon Rolls (bakery class for adults)

If you like sourdough, then Rye Bread is made for you! This heavy bread is made from rye grain flour, which tends to give the loaf a darker color as well as a stronger taste than regular white bread. It is also higher in fiber, making it a healthier choice for your digestive system. During the fermentation, you will be able to actually see the dough rise and evolve right in front of your eyes, and you will understand the whole process thanks to our teacher’s detailed explanations.

To lighten and sweeten the bakery day, you will also enjoy preparing some sweet cinnamon rolls which you can bring back home along with your bread to share with friends and family!


Our baking classes will be held at SYB Baking Center, 889 Suide lu, Putuo district 普陀区绥德路889号. All profits support our charity training program. Scan the Yoopay QR code and it will redirect you to the registration platform. Thank you for your support!


Please check our schedule and sign up! 




Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity program providing free training in French bakery to marginalized Chinese youth (aged 17 – 23), enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation.