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Bebebalm and Bebebaugs are skin rescue moisturizers for baby and adult sensitive skin. They are lovingly handcrafted from Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, enriched with wonder nutrient Lauric Acid that helps skin heal itself better, and gentle ingredients. These have been featured in magazines and blogs. Recommended as “travel essentials” and “beauty and honeymoon essentials” by Travel Now magazine and Wedding Essentials magazine respectively. They are also featured in and our very own

Bebebalm is amazing for very dry, damaged or sensitive skin. It’s also amazing on eczema, diaper rash, air pollution rash & blemish, teething rash, skin folds rash, itchy overstretched pregnant belly. Adults love it too as a night face moisturizer, and for chapped lips, rough hands, and waxing aftercare.

Bebebugs is awesome for itch and insects. It gives rapid relief to itchy puffy fresh insect bites, itchy eczema, minor food itchy rash, heat rash, sunburns. It also helps repel insects while moisturizing skin. (And the scent is very gentle, won’t repel everyone around you!)

These skin solutions are born from a Mom’s desperation. Her baby’s had severe eczema that kept getting worse and nothing was working. Together with a dermatologist aunt, her doctor and biochemist husband, and her knowledge on traditional remedies, they created more natural, gentler solutions for their baby. The rest is history.

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