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*First Aid & CPR Class for Babies, Kids & Family.
+Common Illnesses (what to do & when to rush to the hospital)
+China Emergency tips
+Building your family medical kit (with Chinese names of OTC meds, buy them at local pharmacies)
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*Bestest First Aid Kits (Made to Order. Baby kit, Child kit, Adult kit, No Meds kit.)
It’s like having a doctor beside you. This is a doctor-curated, comprehensive first aid and OTC medical kit organized according to symptom or emergency. Each packet has a simplified First Aid guide that helps guide you on what to do and when to rush to the hospital. Each packet already includes the tools necessary, making first aid much easier. It also includes common OTC medicine translations in Chinese, so you don’t need to go to expat hospitals nor hoard so much meds from abroad. It includes a Travel first aid medicine checklist too. It’s so organized, your inner-OCD will rejoice!

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or order in taobao, search “Bestest First Aid Kit”