Street No. 6, Lane 3187 Hongmei Road
District Hongqiao
City Shanghai

What Guides us – The Swiss Butchery Experience

Our Mission. At Swiss Butchery, we aim at bringing you a world-class meat experience that is comparable or better than home, by offering a wide variety of fresh, high-quality meats, cut with excellence by our Swiss butchers under the our most stringent Hygiene Standards.

Our Principles. As per Swiss standards, we always strive for excellence and we rely on 4 key principles: uncompromising quality, top-notch customer service, delicious taste & impeccable hygiene.

Our Sourcing. We source our meat from the best sustainable farms and most reputable Australian abattoirs, overlooking the whole supply chain.

Our Skills. As Swiss Butchers, cutting the meat is an art, we do it with the utmost technique and discipline. We make in house our gourmet sausages, roastbeef, cordon bleu, meatloaf & much more with premium ingredients and based on our awarded recipes from Switzerland.

Our Experience. We take pride in our heritage and extensive knowledge, as all our staff has a background as a Chef or Butcher, ensuring service with unparalleled knowledge in Food Retailing in China. We will tell you what are the cooking techniques that best bring the meat flavor and tenderness to any meat cut you choose.

Not only a Butchery. We’re also a DELICATESSEN offering Italian hams, European cheeses, imported fine seafood & other delicacies.