ShanghaiMamas is a non-profit, grassroots organization, run by our members and supported by the community.


We currently raise money through various kinds of co-operation with local businesses as well as fundraising events. ShanghaiMamas is a well-networked community that has exceptional word of mouth with a key demographic (international parents establishing their shopping habits in a new city.) If you are a Shanghai business who would like to work with ShanghaiMamas, please add your name to our mailing list and we will send out information about opportunities regularly. Or email to receive our advertising package.

Kinds of opportunities:

  • Organizational sponsorship with multiple kinds of promotion
  • Event sponsorship with face-to-face access to our members
  • Digest sponsorship
  • Website ads


ShanghaiMamas is almost entirely run by volunteers. Get involved, meet people, and contribute back to your community. Types of activities:

  • Website: design and function
  • Website: content
  • Forum moderators
  • Events: planning and implementation
  • Outreach: let people know about ShanghaiMamas and help sign up new members (mainly by going to events)
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Management

Interested in getting involved? Send an email to with how you’d like to help!


We’re always looking for new writers! Maybe you have a blog or website you already write for, or maybe you always wanted to write but don’t know where to publish. Let us help you! The choice would be yours as to how often you write or forward us your work, there’s no ongoing pressure.  Articles are typically 750-1000 words long, and if you’re able to provide relevant photos or pictures that would be fab.

If you are interested in sending us articles on a regular / monthly basis or on a case by case basis, please email and we’ll take it from there!