Taobao Queen’s Summer Essentials

By Krystal S.


As another Shanghai summer is almost here to grace us with its boiling hot presence, this month’s article will focus on Sun, Sand and Sea.

With things stabilizing around the country and families more willing to travel, whether you’re staying local or braving a trip to the coast or mountain top, being prepared will make sure you and your family stay safe this summer.




As a rule of thumb applied sun protection should never be forgotten or taken for granted on a daily basis. Since it only takes a few seconds to apply, it seems like a silly thing to forget, but I can’t tell you how many times I have walked outside only to feel my forehead and cheeks burning from the UV rays.

I am no scientist and my “mommy brain” has still not recovered, so all the letters, numbers, and abbreviations can get quite confusing, but the products listed below are those I personally use and were recommended to me. As everyone’s skin is different and has different needs, be sure to ask around or purchase samples until you find one that suits you, especially if you or your children have sensitive skin.


Search words on Taobao: OLAY多效修护防晒霜


Search words on Taobao: 日本Biore碧柔婴幼儿童防晒霜


Search words on Taobao: 美国Neutrogena露得清


Search words on Taobao: 正品倩碧智慧身体防晒乳霜


Pro tip: By using a daily moisturizer or makeup with SPF you know you at least have a base layer of protection before leaving home.

An even better way to protect yourself is to prevent sun exposure to begin with, and this simple accessory has come a long way. Now they are usually manufactured with special textiles which pro-vide a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). This number will indicate just how much UV radiation can penetrate the fabric, the higher the rating, the more protective the clothing will be.


Search words on Taobao: 日系纯色大檐渔夫帽女夏季


Search words on Taobao: 稻草人帽子男防晒面罩


Look for something with a wide brim as that will provide more shade. If your kids don’t like wearing hats or have a smaller head, find styles that have adjustable straps, especially under the chin, that way it cannot be easily removed. But be careful as younger kids can potentially pull quite hard out of frustration and hurt themselves.


Search words on Taobao: 外贸儿童帽子女宝宝UPF50


Search words on Taobao: 儿童防晒遮阳护颈大檐UPF50


I can tell you from experience that having a mini fan is not a luxury but a necessity. There are numerous models and styles available but I prefer those with bendy legs because they can attach to or hang from anything.

Although designed to be child safe, kids can do amazing things when motivated. Be sure to use under adult supervision to prevent injuries.


Search words on Taobao: 八爪鱼婴儿车小风扇


Designed with a special gel layer, these mats are supposed to lower your temperature by 3-5 degrees for up to 3-4 hours. We’ll take what we can get!


Search words on Taobao: 法国贝熙蕾婴儿推车清凉垫


Can get one for the stroller and one for the crib.

Have you ever seen people walking around in a jacket that looks like it’s made of a garbage bag in the middle of summer? Don’t worry, they’re not detoxing or trying to give themselves a sunstroke. These lightweight, thin, breathable jackets are made with high UPF materials to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬防晒衣皮肤衣薄款


Spending the day at your local park just got much cooler and safer with this easy to carry tent. The design is simple and fool proof, so don’t worry about instruction manuals or tools; simply unfold, pop, lock, and nap. This particular model from Decathlon is 190x190x140 and can comfortably sit 4 adults. The material is UPF40 and water resistant, it also has built in screens to keep bugs and extra light out.


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬帐篷防晒自动弹开


Remember to verify if your park allows tents or visitors to sit on the lawn before planning a trip.

Another smaller option is this 2 person pop-up tent that is perfect for a quick outdoor playdate or to provide extra shade at the beach. It collapses into itself and stores into an included carry bag. Everything is light enough to hang from a stroller hook.


Search words on Taobao: 出口日本原单户外2人速开帐篷


These universal shades can attach to most strollers with a canopy and are compact enough to fold with your stroller or shove into a diaper bag. The second option is always attached for us regardless of season as I use it to cover kids during nap time, keeping both light and curious Nainais at bay.


Search words on Taobao: SmartStart婴儿推车童车


Search words on Taobao: 通用型婴儿车防晒蓬


Unless your stroller has a particularly thick or wide frame, this universal parasol should work to provide some much needed shade.


Search words on Taobao: 婴儿车防紫外线太阳伞


I purchased this umbrella holder a few years ago in the height of my ‘what crazy but useful things can I find on Taobao today?’ phase and it just seems too genius to get rid of. Maybe this will be the year I give it a try. Parents and caregivers need shade too!


Search words on Taobao: 夏日婴儿推车防晒配件雨伞支架


People have different views when it comes to young kids and sunglasses, but high quality purposeful ones can provide much needed protection for their developing eyes as overexposure to ultraviolet rays could result in serious health problems down the line.

These shades by Real Kids provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays and are designed with unbreakable frames and quality lenses. Some models also come with a removable adjustable band to make sure baby is extra comfy.


Search words on Taobao: 美国REALKIDS婴儿童太阳镜




It’s just as important to stay hydrated in high temperatures as it is to shield yourself from excessive sun exposure. I know a glass of water might not seem as refreshing as an iced coffee or bubble tea (my personal weakness), but it’s what your body needs to function.

Two brands seem to lead the discussion when it comes to heavy-duty long lasting bottles, but personally I feel a bottle is a bottle. Just make sure the parts are removable for regular washing and deep cleaning (or dishwasher safe) to keep your beverages as fresh as possible.


Search words on Taobao: 现货美国camelbak驼峰儿童吸管杯


Search words on Taobao: Contigo康迪克运动保温杯


If you or your family members have any sort of skin sensitivity or allergy to bites, prepare yourself for Shanghainese mosquitos. Not only are they extra loud, but I’ve never gotten welts from a mozzie bite anywhere else in the world like I do here.

Japanese brand Vape’s products come highly recommended by fellow parents. The repellant spray is child safe, and the electric repellant is wireless, odourless, long lasting, and affordable. Could make a great addition for a trip away or even attach one to your stroller.


Vape Spray:

Search words on Taobao: 日本VAPE未来驱蚊水喷雾


Vape Repellant Box:

Search words on Taobao: 日本本土vape未来驱蚊器替换装芯


OFF! is a pretty well known brand globally for their repellant sprays, they have even launched a few new products with different strengths and scents to make it available for the whole family.

NOTE: Some ingredients can possibly irritate the skin. I would still be cautious with a child under 1 year old.


Search words on Taobao: 美国进口off欧护驱蚊喷雾防蚊水


Search words on Taobao: 美国进口欧护off驱蚊喷雾儿童


Search words on Taobao: 欧护草本艾叶花露水


You may have noticed local kids with these stickers all over them or their strollers, that’s because they have special herbs to repel insects. Most sprays have a minimum age of 6m, but as these don’t go directly on the skin they should be safe for younger babies.

Just make sure they are not placed somewhere the child can rub the surface or peel off and put in their mouth.

Search words on Taobao: 日本和光堂驱蚊贴


At home we use these Kub plug in repellants, each bottle is marketed to last about 45 nights with 8 hour use. One of my favourite things about the design is that the plug turns so it can still be used no matter how the socket faces.


Search words on Taobao: 可优比蚊香液无味婴儿孕妇家用


Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that has long been used for its healing and protective properties. Applying on a sting or bite can help to relieve itchiness, redness, and reduce inflammation. Can also be applied after sun exposure or to soothe a sunburn.


Search words on Taobao: AMC南非芦荟凝胶


Originally created out of one mum’s frustration with her child’s reoccurring eczema, Bebebalm prides themselves on combining nature and science to deeply nourish, heal, and restore the skin. Their line of products also include a natural insect repellant and anti-itch balm, scar therapy, aromatherapy massage oil and even a roller for sinus relief. Best of all they can safely be used on young children and pregnant and lactating women.


Search words on Taobao: Bebebugs4.5g倍蓓保舒缓滋润膏


Search words on Taobao: Bebebugs20g倍蓓保舒缓滋润膏


After a sneeze attack that lasted a few days, we just needed something to keep pollen and yucky bits out of the kid’s faces as the seasons change, but with bugs and hands on Nainais getting more brazen, these bad boys have been working hard since day one.


Search words on Taobao: 婴儿车蚊帐通用宝宝推车全罩式


Our compact stroller folds easily with it still attached.

No one wants to drag half of the coastline back home after a long day. Give this beach bag a few good shakes and say goodbye to those stray grains of sand.


Search words on Taobao: 沙滩玩具收纳袋网兜儿童整理包




Pool sides can be a dangerous place for excited kids. These thin, flexible and quick drying swim shoes provide that extra level of grip and coverage to keep little ones standing tall and safe from unhygienic surfaces.


Search words on Taobao: 儿童沙滩鞋游泳软鞋0-7岁


Now you can dry your little one from head to toe in one easy step.


Search words on Taobao: 儿童浴巾斗篷带帽纯棉吸水


We also really enjoy these towels from Kub. They are soft, extremely absorbent and quick drying.


Search words on Taobao: 可优比宝宝带帽浴袍


Disposable swim diapers can be used alone or under a stylish reusable cover. There are also reusable diapers available that are adjustable and made with a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks.


Swim Dipers:

Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬旗舰店婴儿游泳纸尿裤



Search words on Taobao: Goodbum婴儿防水宝宝游泳裤


Search words on Taobao: Baby Swim Diaper Adjustable


Full body swimsuits not only provide more protection from the sun, but also from bug bites, and prevent sand from traveling to uncomfortable places. However, staying in a damp suit for an extended period of time can cause other issues, so be sure to remove and rinse off after a day in the water.


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬儿童防晒泳衣小童游泳衣


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬儿童连体游泳衣长袖


Keep your valuables protected and wet clothing in its place with a leak proof dry bag.


Search words on Taobao: Goodbum婴儿尿片收纳袋 wet bag


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬游泳健身防水洗漱包


If you plan on visiting a swimming pool don’t forget to pack a swim cap and goggles, as some pools require them for entry.


Search words on Taobao: 儿童PU涂层防水卡通游泳帽


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬儿童泳镜泳


These particular style hats are great for water play. The structured brim helps to keep the face covered, while the extra fabric in the back will protect baby’s neck.


Search words on Taobao: 宝宝遮阳帽女童渔夫帽


Search words on Taobao: 儿童防紫外线沙滩遮阳帽


This multipurpose pop up pool is perfect for a balcony or small yard. Add water in the summer for an instant splash pool, or sand, seeds, and even pantry items such as rice, beans or cooked pasta for some messy sensory fun.


Search words on Taobao: 免充气儿童戏水池带防晒顶


If the thought of having your young ones close to the water worries you, don’t worry, this tent-pool hybrid lets you bring the water to them.


Search words on Taobao: 儿童沙滩遮阳嬉水游戏屋


When your kid is small there’s nothing cuter than watching them calmly float around experiencing their weightlessness in the water. But as they get older you need gear that will allow them to both explore the world around them, and remain safe in the process. These floats allow for varied levels of independence and freedom depending on how well they can swim.


Search words on Taobao: 德国Freds婴儿游泳圈


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬儿童游泳臂圈游泳臂圈


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬儿童游泳臂圈IVA3


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬儿童宝宝成人游泳圈腋下圈


Search words on Taobao: 迪卡侬宝宝游泳圈婴幼儿IVA3




I usually don’t include products I haven’t personally had experience with, but just when I thought I was done my homepage blessed me with some more cool items. Not essential per se, but if you’re the outdoorsy type these will definitely come in handy.

Hiking carriers provide extra comfort and stability for both the wearer and passenger. A 5 point harness and foot strap keeps baby secure, while additional padding means you wont have straps digging into you. The frame also provides ample storage for a day out.


Search words on Taobao: 德国原创childcity宝宝登山背架


Now you don’t need to worry about kid slipping off with this cool invention. You can purchase just the saddle or saddle and backpack combo.


Search words on Taobao: 德国原创户外儿童马鞍肩座带靠背


This option comes with extra back support.


Search words on Taobao: chlidcity儿童马鞍肩坐背带


Strollers are usually quite a big purchase, but this lightweight one has really caught my eye because it folds flat! Imagine being able to slip your stroller under the bed, behind a closet, or even behind the door. It’s affordable enough to give it a try.


Search words on Taobao: Nordic多多溜娃神器手推车


We hope this list of must haves will keep you and your family healthy and safe to continue to make great memories together. With summer break around the corner let’s not forget to do our part and also wear a mask, wash our hands, and avoid crowded places.