The Impact of Colours – Part 3: Red

Red is the colour for passion and love.


It’s the colour of the base or root chakra.


How the colour red affects us physically: Stimulates energy, and can increase the blood pressure, heartbeat, and pulse rate, provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety, increases enthusiasm.

Being the longest wavelength, red is a powerful colour. Although not technically the most visible, it has the property of appearing to be nearer than it is and therefore it grabs our attention first. Hence its effectiveness in traffic lights the world over. Its effect is physical; it stimulates us and raises the pulse rate, giving the impression that time is passing faster than it is. It is stimulating and lively, very friendly. At the same time, it can be perceived as demanding and aggressive. Red is a bright, warm colour that evokes strong emotions; it’s also associated with love, warmth, and comfort.


Red around the globe:

  • Red represents beauty in many languages and cultures, including Russia.

  • In China, red is associated with good luck and fortune.

  • Islamic, Hindu and Chinese brides traditionally wear red.




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