The Impact of Colours – Part 8: Brown


Brown is the colour of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic.

 How the colour brown affects us physically: Gives a sense orderliness, stabilizes, supplies a feeling of wholesomeness, provides a connection with the earth.

The psychological effects of the colour brown depend largely on the mix of the colours that have gone into it. Brown can be quite a yummy colour (think chocolate, coffee, cookies…). Those are the shades of brown that remind us of creature comforts and the good life.

Nature is full of the colour brown; in most parts of the world, brown is the colour of the earth, and most plants have got at least some brown in them. This is why the psychological effects of the colour brown are often described as reassuring, safe and stabilizing. So, brown brings to mind feeling of warmth, comfort, and security but can also create feelings of sadness and isolation.

Brown around the globe:

  • The Japanese do not have a specific word for brown. Rather, they use more descriptive names such as “tea-colour,” “fox-colour,” and “fallen-leaf.”
  • In India, brown is the colour of mourning because it resembles dying leaves.




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