The Light Fantastic


Once a week my husband and I would go out in the evening alone, just the two of us, doing what we used to love to do, discovering new spots & eateries in the city. Our favorite hang out place is mostly restaurants with a view or rooftop restaurants in Shanghai. Every rooftop shows us a tiny piece of Shanghai in the evening, bathed in its glamourous lights. It’s just a fantastic sight. This one is my favorite of all, taken from atop “M on the Bund” restaurant.


Welcome to the new photoblog project, Shanghai My Eye. Each entry will feature one photo taken somewhere around town that speaks in some way to the experience of living in this mad and marvelous metropolis. The goal is to build up a collection of images of Shanghai as seen through the eye of the shanghaimamas community – beautiful, strange, surprising, alarming, amazing. So please, send me your photos, along with a short paragraph about what the image means to you.

Email contributions to: You are welcome to submit as many photos as you like, but separately please – only one photo and description per email.

10 responses to “The Light Fantastic

  1. It is a REALLY great photo – the small size of it here doesn’t do it justice; I wish you could all see it at the file size in which Dhita sent it to me!. Am poking around a bit to see if there is a way I can change the sizes of the images in this platform but I haven’t found it yet!

  2. Hi Kellie, thank you for featuring my photo.

    About the sizing, perhaps you can change it the html text, it would look like this — just change the width and height 😀


  3. Hi Dhita, got your email. I’ve had a look around my little ‘editing zone’, but I can’t see anywhere that I have access to change the specs on the photo size. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done – we’ll bring it to the attention of the person who is working with us on programming. As the whole point of this particular blog is to feature photos, I definitely want them to be MUCH bigger!

  4. Woohoo look I did it! Go, me!

    (now all I have to do is go back and resize all the previous entries…)

  5. WONDERFUL PHOTO! You can bet it’s from a professional. Very clear you can see a whole party going on: lights, cars, boats and people. Nice Job!!

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