Top Ten House Plants To Help You Breathe Easy At Home



Did you know that bamboo can help you breathe better? Of course we know that air purifiers are a quick and effective way to clear out poisonous particles from your pad, but adding in a little extra greenery can work wonders too.Plants take in the three most harmful indoor toxins – benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene – and recycle them into clean air for us to breathe. But while adding a touch of green is always a good thing, there are some that work better than others.

Check out the following list to see which house plants help you breathe better indoors.

Aloe Vera   Along with being a filter of formaldehyde, it serves a dual-purpose for soothing sunburns after those beach holidays in South East Asia.

aloe vera plant

Baby Rubber Plant  Also known as the ficus robusta, this sturdy sapling emits a high volume of oxygen and removes environmental toxins.


Bamboo Palm or Bamboo  Not only does it remove trances of benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, but it also comes with the added bonus of a little extra luck.


Boston Fern A natural humidifier, as well as a remover of indoor air pollutants (particularly formaldehyde), kill two birds with one stone by adding this Bostonian beauty to your abode.


Garden Mum According to NASA research, Mum really is the word as this plant takes the cake for removing ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from indoor air.


Dracaena Janet Graig Not to be confused with Jenny Craig, this one is best for fighting trichloroethylene and will be most effective in an area where heavy-duty cleaning products are often used.


Moth Orchid Possibly the prettiest plant on our list, the moth orchid with brighten up any room, while it works to purify air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.


Peace Lily Elegant, yet fierce – this calming home-cure does it all, removing alcohols, acetone, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, to name a few. We recommend placing in an area that might see more pollutants, such as your kitchen.


Spider Plant Don’t be alarmed by the name – this plant grows quickly and sprouts throughout the year, which is why it’s ranked as one of the top three plants for tackling toxins.


Snake Plant/Mother-In-Laws Tongue Another nicely nicknamed shrub, the Snake Plant is known to remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene. It’s also one of the hardest plants to kill for those with a less-than-green thumb.


A little green can go a long way, so consider adding an extra air purifier au natural, or two, to help spruce up your space. Your lungs will love you all the more for it!


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