“Watch Out for Moms on Nights Out!” Shanghai Mamas on Pop Abroad Podcast

Check out our very own co-founder Melanie Ham on Michelle Ibarra’s podcast, Pop Abroad!

She explains how Shanghai Mamas came to be, from its humble Yahoo Group beginnings to 5,000 members today.

For people interested in community development in the city, this is a good one to check out! Mel describes how Shanghai Mamas can be sustainable, legal, and FUN. Yep, our Mamas Nights Out (to join, add WeChat ID Nicole_Malek) and 2020 “Sexy/Love” Book Club (to join, add WeChat ID jendan22) get a mention.

And she also clarifies that Papas are welcome! Yes, dads, please don’t hesitate to register and become an official Shanghai Mama.

Scan QR below to go to the Pop Abroad page or click here for the Apple podcast link.