Welcome to the Year of the Horse!

horse year2

The year of the horse is a very energetic year that brings powerful potential for change. Its the Yang Wood Horse. 60 years ago we also had this kind of year. The first day is February 4th (solar calendar) and it lasts until February 3rd 2015. 

Preparing for this powerful new cycle starts with what we call the “super moon” on january 30th. On this day there is the new moon phase and one of the best energetic openings to send your wishes to the universe. Clean your home well before the Lunar Chinese New Year that starts on January 31st., remove dust, clean curtains and carpets and get rid of things you no longer need. On the super moon day spend a few minutes with yourself and reflect on what you would like to accomplish. Visualise your conquests and send love to all of those who mean a great deal to you. Most importantly, visualise yourself and your family in good health.
People born in the year of the Rat (1960,1972,1984,1996, 2008) might struggle a bit more this year as Rat is the exact opposite of the Horse.
In general, in this year of the horse, focus on quality of relationships, be it personal or professional. 
On a Feng Shui perspective, a special cure needs to be put in the North-West of your home or office as a challenging energy is visiting this sector. The West and South are very auspicious areas and bring you very good luck if properly enhanced with the right Feng Shui. 
It does not matter if you believe in it or not, what matters is that you have peace of mind that you are doing everything to live a more balanced and healthy life. Attract good luck and believe your wishes deserve to come true!
Katia Steilemann has perfected her Feng Shui skills with a Hong Kong master and since then successfully consulted companies and private homes worldwide. Through her lifestyle-consulting company, Elyts Ltd. Katia helps clients live a better life by aligning three key dimensions: personal image, the space surrounding them and their leadership behavior. Contact her by phone: (86)18616672032, email katia@elyts.biz, follow her blog and Facebook