What’s In-Store at Costco? We’ve Got the Inside Scoop!


Hopefully by now we don’t need to tell you, COSTCO’S COMING!

In case you’ve missed the biggest foreigner buzz this summer, here are the basics:

Opening Date: August 27, 2019
Location: No. 235 Zhujian Road, Minhang District (闵行区朱建路235号)

If you don’t already have a Costco membership from another region, you can buy one here to use worldwide! Just 299 RMB gets you access to an amazing array of your family’s favorite products, plus some surprises.


If you apply on or before August 26, you get a special offer price of 199 RMB. Click here to register. (Not to worry, the membership expiry date will still be August 26, 2020, one year after opening.)

We teased you last time with hints of what will be available. Now we’ve got more details straight from the source to get you itching to grab your shopping cart.

We heard you loud and clear, mamas and papas! “What Kirkland Signature™ products will they have?” is the top question we’ve been getting. Well, we don’t have the full list, but they’ve got some family favorites you’ll remember from home:

  • those tubs o’ nuts that we all know and love
  • coffee in the quantity you need it
  • sparkling spring water
  • lots of cheese options (parmesan snobs can take their pick from 12, 24 or 36-month-aged!)
  • enough chocolate for your kids and their friends, including chocolate-covered mangoes
  • USDA top choice steak
  • Atlantic salmon
  • laundry detergent (liquid and powder options, if you’re particular)
  • enough toilet paper to throw a huge party every night of the week
  • (my personal favorite) olive oil

Same Kirkland Signature™ stuff, in Shanghai. Amazing right?

The warehouse is massive and piled high with non-Kirkland Signature™ products, as well. Instead of lugging them from home, get your imported vitamins, supplements, hair and skin care, and protein powders from Costco!

Another marker of a legit Costco: get chilly in the fresh foods section. Their walk-in cooler is kept at a brisk 5-8 degrees Celsius to keep your fruits and veggies lively, even during Shanghai summer. Their produce will include organic-certified imported goodies, too!

You need batteries in bulk to keep your kids’ toys chugging along? One box is so big you won’t lose it in your apartment, only to find it again when you’re moving.

Totally unrelated to the sounds of battery-operated children’s toys: WINE. They’ve got 200 types of wine available in store. For real. Unlike many other sources of wine in the city, the wine is not stored in direct sunlight or warm areas. They have cleverly set up the wine section beside the temperature-controlled grocery walk-in cooler to keep your wines tasty. And they’ve got the unpasteurized olives and imported cheeses to go with it. (We have it on good authority that the Kirkland Signature™ 36-month-aged parmesan must be enjoyed with a glass or few of vino.)

Remember, there is nothing to lose with the Costco Double Guarantee policy! Grab your membership and be ready to bump into many of your Mamas friends.


Click here to register and scan their QR code to get the latest updates: