You Are What You Eat

Literally. Like every single cell in your body comes from the food and drink you put in it…

…so what have you been putting in it today? And what do you want to be putting in it? The other day (a few years ago actually so no I’m not referring to anyone I’ve known for the brief amount of time I’ve been in Shanghai), I was at a friend’s house and her three year old daughter fell off the couch and banged her head on the floor. Obviously she started to cry and so her parents gave her a chocolate biscuit so she would stop… Now I was thinking (and this was pre-child days so really I was not judging, merely reflecting!), did the girl want a chocolate biscuit, or did she just want to be held for a minute until she felt better again? Has this girl been taught that when she feels bad later on in life she should go to the people she loves for comfort or has she learnt that chocolate will make her feel better just as well? Now we all reach for the cookie jar on the days that we feel down but what is it that we really want? A hug? Some warmth? Someone to hold us and say it’s all going to be ok? Maybe we should be honest with ourselves about what we want and go get the hug that we need, not the chocolate biscuit 🙂

2 responses to “You Are What You Eat

  1. Well said Ellen.I agree with you and yet it is hard to live it. We don’t give sweets to our children to comfort them but sometimes it is hard for my pride to ask for a hug & a piece of chocolate seems a faster ‘solution’ to lift up my mood. Your article made me reflect & I will ask myself, what it is that I really need next time I reach out for something sweet.

  2. Thanks, that’s nice to read and I’m not perfect either though asking myself that question does help me think about what it is I’m needing more of at that point in my life

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