Baobei Foundation partnership

  It is with great pride and excitement that ShanghaiMamas would like to announce our recent partnership with the Baobei Foundation as of March 01, 2017. Founded in 2008 by a native Chinese and three expatriates in Shanghai, Baobei Foundation provides surgeries and post-surgical rehabilitation for Chinese orphans with life-threatening birth defects. Since its inception, … Continued

Circumcision: Medically Necessary or Unnecessarily Intrusive?

by Siobhan. E. Brown Circumcision: Medically Necessary or Unnecessarily Intrusive?  There are few medical discussions that cause heated debate quite like Circumcision. Some parents choose the procedure because they believe it is medically necessary, decreasing their child’s chances of contracting STD’s and keeping their bodies more hygienic.  Some parents circumcise their children in order to … Continued

ShMa Annual Meeting

ShanghaiMamas Annual Meeting – 15th March 2017 We know you have some questions – so here are some answers! ShanghaiMamas is the largest online community group for international families in Shanghai and is powered by volunteers. Shanghai is a transitory and constantly evolving place and to keep our group thriving we need input from all … Continued

Getting Out There – A Volunteers Experience

Connecting with the migrant communities in Shanghai through volunteering There is one goal that I must try to achieve whenever I move to a new country and that is: connect with and contribute to the local community. Developing genuine relationships and participating in the lives of the local people are certainly on top of my … Continued

Waging the Gaokao War

Every year on June 7th-8th the National College Entrance Examination, commonly known in China as the Gaokao, is held. This exam is considered to be the most competitive examination for Chinese students and it involves 12 years of academic studies –ambitious parents train their son or daughter from kindergarten for a place in China’s top … Continued