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Shanghai Mamas Privacy Policy

Shanghai Mamas Privacy Policy (20 April 2010) (“ShanghaiMamas”) will endeavour to protect the privacy, as far as possible, of Members and Guests (“Users”) (each as defined in the ShanghaiMamas Code of Conduct) of ShanghaiMamas. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) sets out what information ShanghaiMamas collects in respect of its Users and how it will be used.

1. ShanghaiMamas may contain links to other sites which are outside our control and therefore cannot be covered by this Privacy Policy. Operators of such sites may use your information in a way which is not consistent with this Privacy Policy.


2.The information we collect (the “Information”)
2.1. When Members register to use and all Users use ShanghaiMamas, each Member provides their real name and email address and all Users provide certain other details which are necessary to verify their identities during the registration process and during the course of Users use of the site. ShanghaiMamas will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the Information. ShanghaiMamas may use cookies to enable easy logins or to otherwise enhance Users use of ShanghaiMamas. Where it is necessary for the Information to be disclosed to any agents or sub-contractors for the purposes of accessing, maintaining and using ShanghaiMamas, the agent or sub-contractor in question will be obligated to use that Information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

3.How we use the Information

3.1. ShanghaiMamas gather the Information:

3.1.1. to enable us to send Users personalized email updates and other services that Users may opt into;
3.1.2. for training purposes;
3.1.3. to enable us to contact Users in the event of a query in respect of their accounts or their use of ShanghaiMamas;
3.1.4. for security reasons;
3.1.5. to enable us to contact Users in respect of the provision of the ShanghaiMamas service in general;
3.1.6. to collate and use as non-identifying personal information to be analyzed and shared; and
3.1.7. for reasons required by law.

3.2. ShanghaiMamas will not:

3.2.1. rent, sell or otherwise distribute the Information to any third party, except as provided above, unless required by law;
3.2.2. use the Information to spam Users or send unsolicited marketing for ShanghaiMamas.

4. Updating of information

4.1. It is the responsibility of each individual User to update all relevant information. ShanghaiMamas cannot be held responsible for communications or lack thereof that are sent to addresses or phone numbers that have not been updated.

5. Users consent

5.1. By using the site, Users consent to the use of the Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and agree to not hold ShanghaiMamas or its Committee, Members, Users, officers, administration or agents liable for any use or misuse of the Information which is out of the direct control of ShanghaiMamas. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. Your continued use of ShanghaiMamas will signify your agreement to any such changes whether you have accessed the page since the change or not.

6. Users own security

6.1. ShanghaiMamas expects that Users will will take all reasonable endeavours to protect their own security and in particular will not share login information (in particular passwords) or information that may be used to access login information with any person.

7. Global scope

7.1. Personal Information that ShanghaiMamas collects may be stored and processed in and transferred between any other country to enable the use of the information in accordance with this Privacy policy.
7.2 Users agree to such cross-border transfers of Information.
7.3. ShanghaiMamas takes reasonable precautions to ensure that any information provided by Users in relation to their use of ShanghaiMamas is used only as set out in this policy, however, the internet is not restricted by borders and is not a secure network. When Users post, comment or in any other way contribute to ShanghaiMamas, their posts will be seen by all other Users and will remain on ShanghaiMamas after any individual User has de-registered and/or their account has otherwise been deleted.
7.4. ShanghaiMamas cannot guarantee that Information will not be intercepted by third parties. Any information submitted to the site in the form of posts, comments or in any other way (“Posted Information”), can never be completely secure. While ShanghaiMamas will endeavour to keep Information and Posted Information secure through the registration of users and higher levels of security for the private areas of the site, ShanghaiMamas cannot guarantee that Posted Information will not become publicly available or shared with third parties.
7.5. ShanghaiMamas will not seek to make Posted Information searchable through internet search engines but cannot guarantee that Posted Information will not appear when searched for on the internet or otherwise.

8. Limitation and contact

8.1. This Policy does not apply to entities or persons that are not in our direct control and/or ownership including but not limited to the internet service providers who host or are otherwise related to the provision of ShanghaiMamas.Contact
8.2. If Users have any questions about the Privacy Policy or its implementation please contact us.