Great Wall or Bust!

I don’t define myself as a runner but I am thrilled to know that I am about to run the “Greatest Run”.  Given that the run is on the Great Wall of China I am not sure that any other run can truly take the title.

Bye Bye Sugar

Is sugar toxic? I can attest that it’s addictive. Could you give it up forever? What about for just one week? That’s exactly what sixteen participants of the “Ultimate Loser” set out to do this Tuesday. From Tuesday to Tuesday they will shun all added sugars including honey and fruit juice. The only sweet indulgence … Continued

International Schools and Allergies

Coming from the UK certain practices are standard.  In almost all student handbook there is explicit instructions to parents not to send in nuts or nut based products to the schools as there may be children with allergies.  At the nursery my son briefly attended the preparatory work carried out prior to his arrival was … Continued

Tiger Schools?

  Amy Chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and her very extreme style of “Chinese parenting,” has brought up some fascinating conversations with my coworkers, husband and friends.

Love On Wheels

Took this sometime in 2009 on Maoming Lu.  The bikes are mine and my husbands, although my particular bike in this photo has since been stolen – part of life in Shanghai – I’ve had 2 bikes stolen in 2.5 years! Welcome to the new photoblog project, Shanghai My Eye. Each entry will feature one … Continued

Undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery in Shanghai

One mama’s first-hand account of undergoing Lasik Surgery in Shanghai:  I went to the New Vision Eye Clinic on a Wednesday afternoon (April 8) for examination in the VIP section where everyone spoke English (nurses, doctors etc) and I was moved to the front of the long line. Then they did a lot of tests: air … Continued

Meet Frugal Mama

Caitlin Hainley is an Iowa native.  She spent most of her growing up years on a small acreage outside of a very small town (two bars and a post office) where her family had chickens, horses, a big garden, and occasionally made their own butter.  She met her husband (a California native) while attending University.  They moved to … Continued

Meet Working Mama

I am a wife of one, mother of one, and employee to well…one. Hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore, I was plucked from the soaring heights of a New York career to answer to Love’s call in Shanghai. I answer to the name of Candy and am easily bribed by Baker & Spice’s Farmhouse … Continued