Buy-to-let-down: The Purchase Agent Con

Ever wondered why rents in Shanghai suddenly sky rocket out of the blue? Been forced to move apartment after a change in landlord? Or thinking about buying property? Read on! Most folk just say “agent”, and don’t really distinguish the difference between “purchasing agents” and “rental agents” – whilst both of whom can be found on the real estate … Continued

Breastfeeding: Increasing Milk Supply

Breastfeeding is a great bonding experience and offers health benefits to both mother and child, but without being able to measure how much your baby is getting, it’s only normal to worry that you may not have enough milk to allow your baby to flourish. Luckily, no matter where we live in the world, milk … Continued

Waging the Gaokao War

  Every year on June 7th-8th the National College Entrance Examination, commonly known in China as the Gaokao, is held. This exam is considered to be the most competitive examination for Chinese students and it involves 12 years of academic studies –ambitious parents train their son or daughter from kindergarten for a place in China’s … Continued