Hair/Style: Your hair during pregnancy

There seems to be a lot of mis-information and even a bit or fear concerning how one’s hair may be affected during pregnancy and/or what you are able to do to your hair chemically during that time. I hope the following information will set you a bit more at ease with the process.

The Hewgills Go Home

So many of you have asked about Amy and her preemie baby Lily – this was certainly the most moving story of this summer! We wanted to let you know how it all worked out, and to thank the many generous mamas who helped out along the way.

Reflux, Heartburn & Other Stomach Issues: The Cost of Living In China, or Can Something Be Done?

Living in Shanghai can be an enriching and rewarding experiencing filled with many new adventures. There is the excitement and challenge of a new culture, learning different customs and making new friends, as well as expanding how you think about the world. However, all of this is difficult to enjoy and appreciate if you are … Continued

Baby Talk – Mandarin for Mamas & Papas

Nǐ hǎo mamas! As foreigners living in China with a baby, day to day life can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Here’s a list of useful Chinese words that will help make things a bit easier. Try using them with your Chinese friends or your ayi. Baby  婴儿  yīng’ér Diaper  尿布  niào bù Baby Formula  奶粉  … Continued

Say NO to Lung Cancer

Shanghai has the highest cancer rate in China. There is one cancer patient in every 64 people. Cancer is the number 1 killer (25%) in Chinese urban population, and Lung cancer is the number 1 killer among cancers, which accounts for more than 1/4 of all cancer death. In China, lung Cancer has increased 465% … Continued

How much does a DRAGON baby cost?

“The doctor can only see you in three months’ time,” the nurse at a local hospital said, reminding me that 2012 is the auspicious Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon. Like many of my expat friends, we unknowingly got ourselves caught in the long baobao (Dragon baby) frenzy.