Culture Burnout

Most of us living here have faced the burnt of living in foreign land. During such hard times, it is difficult to feel grateful for all the rich experiences we have enjoyed, and all too easy to feel obsessed with negativity. Here are some simple guidelines to help negate those unhealthy feelings. By Rachel Middagh and Carrie Jones, LCSW     You’ve been … Continued

3 steps for your helper to make the meals of your dreams

New to China? Your checklist must be complete by now–schools,house,driver,ayi,coffee morning with shanghaimama .As you settle into your new life,you realize, having a foreign house-helper come with challenges you didn’t anticipate! Read this article from an expert,I promise it will enhance the quality of your life in China ~Kavi   Once your Ayi – Helper is hired, you are usually so relieved to have … Continued

When Dog And Baby Meet

This summer we went back home and my son met a member of the family he hadn’t known before. My sister-in-law came around for a coffee and brought her dog Baxter. I warned my son that he should prepare for something a little bit bigger. Baxter is a very cute young dog that loves to … Continued

Oatmeal and raisins cookies

Sharing a cookie recipe that is great as an after-school treat, for breakfast, to take for picnics or with a cup of tea! Be careful, they’ll go fast! For about 15 cookies Butter: 90 g Sugar: 120 g Egg: 1 Flour: 100 g Oatmeal: 120 g Baking powder: 1 teaspoon Baking soda: ¼ teaspoon Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon … Continued

Chinese Police Patrol Rome Streets

We  like to feature news  from Chinese news that may not caught the eye of the western media.  Find out what happens in China outside of what is published on China Daily.  Johann, from Easy Mandarin Chinese School (, will be finding, translating and helping us learn some related words to teach us a little more … Continued

Food safety in China

We all heard of all the food scandals in China but what is really going on! I would like to give you a little overview of why the food safety situation is as it is, by looking at some of the problems out of different perspectives: the government, the producer and the consumer: Government: In this … Continued