Beginner’s Zentangle

The other day, my daughter asked me to fill up a coloring page with her,inspite of whatever pending workload I had  ,I am glad I accepted her offer.I ended up enjoying my time filling those narrow spaces with colors .Recent trend of adult coloring books  and drawing Mandalas suggests , we can all benefit from a short period … Continued

The ‘health’ food lie

Last part of our four part series on Health Resolution,2016.We are looking forward to hear from you,about the positive changes made in your life and how you plan to continue in the journey.We know that four months is too short to make profound changes in real life but it is also enough to make ‘healthy’ … Continued

Monkey Babies Meet China’s Two-Child Policy

Since the beginning of 2016, Chinese hospitals are under pressure of what appears to be an unprecedented baby boom since family planning started in 1979.According to figures released by Beijing’s Health and Family Planning Commission, about 300,000 new babies, in Beijing alone, are expected to be born in 2016. This is 50,000 more than last … Continued

3 Easy Ways to Push Yourself to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Everyone wants to live coherently with the environment but it seems too daunting of a task if we don’t know how to.Frankly speaking we are so wrapped up in every day life to take up additional challenges .Here are some few easy everyday steps that can make an impact and can baby-step us into a environment conscious way of living without … Continued

How to ignite passion in children

The story started on an ordinary day. 9 year old Will picked up trash from the field of the school during recess.  His act was observed and recognized by his teacher with a few encouraging words.  The whole story has been rolling out by then. Will came back home and told me about his ‘good … Continued

Your Baby Refuses to Eat?

Parents often complain that their babies don’t eat. They try to convince their kids with tricks and games to eat meals. Moms are frustrated… Why Children Generally Do Not Eat? Three common reasons: 1)     There is no food (this is not the case in our society!) 2)     They are not hungry.   3)     They are … Continued

Spring Salads

  All winter long I follow the Chinese way of eating warm foods. The idea of having a cold lunch sounds incredibly unappealing in February, but come spring time and sunshine and my mind switches into salad mode. I love a loaded salad for lunch and a friend of mine calls it “making your salad … Continued

Why Is A Rabbit Hiding Colored Eggs?

There is one question that has puzzled me since I was a child: The story of the Easter Rabbit where we are celebrating the return of Jesus Christ. If I take it literally its Jesus Christ returning during Easter as a rabbit to hide colored eggs for the children. You understand my confusion? Time to … Continued