Eggplant Caponata

 Recently, I went for a run-of-the-mill annual physical. I assumed that over the three years from my previous one, my health could only be the same or slightly worse. Apparently not. I came back with a 230+ cholesterol level. 160 is normal.

It’s not all about food

Following on from the previous blog… food is not the only thing we take into our body every day that affects how well it works! Thoughts do too, as do love and kindness! Think about what you want in your body today and be fussy not just about the types of food that you put … Continued

Shanghai Mama and Papa Blogs Directory

Hi everyone!     I’m Kellie and I’m the Web Content Committee Chair At the moment, you’ll see a listing titled Mamas Personal Blogs in the top box on the right hand side of this page. These are all blogs that are written by our ShanghaiMamas members, but are hosted on other sites (WordPress, Blogspot, … Continued

Vanity Fair

 There I was; my eyeball a hair’s breadth (literally) from a modern yet archaic tool known as a curling iron – for eyelashes. The heat coming off the electric curler made my eyes start to water. I blinked back the tears and nervously carried on, knowing that one errant jerk of my wrist and I … Continued

Cooking Mama: Hopscotch Breadsticks

I’ve been a food blogger since I’m married and found myself in the kitchen a lot experimenting with all sorts of cooking. The internet has opened up my views on the world of culinary, recipes from people around the world & cookbooks or cooking tips and tricks…