Waging the Gaokao War

Every year on June 7th-8th the National College Entrance Examination, commonly known in China as the Gaokao, is held. This exam is considered to be the most competitive examination for Chinese students and it involves 12 years of academic studies –ambitious parents train their son or daughter from kindergarten for a place in China’s top … Continued

Cooking for Children’s Day

Children’s Day : A wonderful occasion to introduce your kids to fresh and healthy cooking! In May we celebrated Mother’s day. Now it’s time to celebrate our little ones! Do you have anything planned for Children’s Day this year? I’m very happy to have been invited to a creative event where we will attend painting and calligraphy … Continued

A Deserted Village Covered in Vines

Every week, we will be featuring a news article from Chinese news that may not caught the eye of the western media.  Find out what happens in China outside of what is published on China Daily.  Yis, from Easy Mandarin, will be finding, translating and helping us learn some related words to teach us a … Continued