Giving Our Children the Best in Dental Care

Interview by Siobhan Brown   Many parents have lingering questions regarding their children’s teeth and too often children do not see a dentist until well after their first birthday. Delayed dental visits can cause permanent problems and it’s important to know that baby teeth do play an important role in your child’s development. Shanghai Mamas sits … Continued

What Teens Can Teach You About Screen Time

Feeling glued to your smartphone? Choices teacher-advisor Amy Lauren Smith—a 6th to 8th grade health teacher at the Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China—collected some surprisingly poignant advice from her class.       Last month, I had the pleasure of going to the Hong Kong headquarters of one of my favorite athletic wear brands. … Continued


  Dengue Outbreaks has been on the rise, from China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South America, to Africa. In Guangdong alone, there were over 23,000 confirmed dengue fever cases in 2014.  Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that infects an estimate of 50 to 100 million humans worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Dengue viral … Continued

The Truth About Air Filters

Scenario: The AQI has been sky high, but your pad is packed with purifiers so nothing to worry about right? Not quite.Even if you have enough purifiers to make your home look like a showroom, no matter what model you’re using, if the filters haven’t been changed in a while, chances are you’re simply recycling dirty air back … Continued