3 Easy Ways to Push Yourself to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Everyone wants to live coherently with the environment but it seems too daunting of a task if we don’t know how to.Frankly speaking we are so wrapped up in every day life to take up additional challenges .Here are some few easy everyday steps that can make an impact and can baby-step us into a environment conscious way of living without … Continued

How the Japanese Town of Kamikatsu Will Be Zero Waste by 2020

Most of us are daunted when we hear terms like Zero waste,it seems larger than life and unattainable in our crazy urban lives.Zero waste has been viewed as a radical but completely necessary lifestyle to fight off climate change. Research has proven that habituating environment friendly choices into our daily life can bring drastic changes into our environment.Lets learn how … Continued

Reduce Waste and Save Money by Regrowing These 7 Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

Regrown vegetables add character to a home, meal and it’s a fact that gardening makes you feel great. However, there are 3 things to consider before you get started on this frugal practice. Plan Ahead When Regrowing Vegetables From Your Home kitchen First off, this isn’t a permanent solution without investing in some pots, soil … Continued