Is Your Family Prepared for an Emergency Situation?

By Jiahui Health      Nobody likes to think about bad things happening to themselves or their loved ones, but emergencies do happen. Instead of ignoring the possibility, seek comfort by being prepared for an emergency.    Below are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that you and your family are … Continued

Circumcision: Medically Necessary or Unnecessarily Intrusive?

by Siobhan. E. Brown Circumcision: Medically Necessary or Unnecessarily Intrusive?  There are few medical discussions that cause heated debate quite like Circumcision. Some parents choose the procedure because they believe it is medically necessary, decreasing their child’s chances of contracting STD’s and keeping their bodies more hygienic.  Some parents circumcise their children in order to … Continued

Buy-to-let-down: The Purchase Agent Con

Ever wondered why rents in Shanghai suddenly sky rocket out of the blue? Been forced to move apartment after a change in landlord? Or thinking about buying property? Read on! Most folk just say “agent”, and don’t really distinguish the difference between “purchasing agents” and “rental agents” – whilst both of whom can be found on the real estate … Continued

Angry All the Time,Anger Management for Expats

Angry All the Time , Anger Management for Expats By Jean Wu Maffe Anger is normal.  But what happens when you find your anger habitually spiraling into explosive episodes? Anger that rages uncontrolled will not only damage your relationships, but may eventually impact your physical and mental health too. For expats living in Shanghai, life may … Continued

Pure Joe

I went to Stephen Buchanan’s salon in Maoming Lu in to get my colour sorted and a decent cut, as my hair had gone all a bit shaggy and brassy, and refused any attempt at a style. Really, I was just going to get my hair done; I didn’t expect I’d find myself a short … Continued