Hair/Style: So You Wanna Go Blonde?

It is often said that “Blondes have more fun.” As a stylist I could debate this, but I will say this, in China they do get noticed more! As for the fun part, I’m Blonde so I am a bit biased – but there are other issues to consider before jumping in. Below are some … Continued

Shanghai Sunrise – For a Brighter Future

Shanghai Sunrise is about families helping families. The one-child policy has made it more important than ever for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to get the chance to finish school. Securing a child’s education changes more than just their future, it alters the future of their whole family. Shanghai Sunrise works on long-term solutions that lift … Continued

Party tickets are now on sale!

Don’t miss out on THE social event of the year – the ShanghaiMamas 7th annual party! Not only will you get to enjoy live music, creative activities to keep the whole family entertained and amazing food from your favorite Shanghai vendors – you will also have the chance to be in the Guinness Book of … Continued

We’re gonna rock your socks off!

Every year the Annual Party gets better and better, and our stage lineup gets more and more awesome. We’ve had so many offers for fabulous entertainment we’ve had trouble figuring out how to fit them all on in the time allowed! But we are going to do it, because we can’t stand to miss a … Continued