Zhou Ayi and the Angolan Flag

  This is our friendly neighborhood rice lady who sits outside our back doorstep and sells rice and grains to everyone who walks by. After the Shanghai Mamas Launch party in Sept, my 2yo son gave her an Angolan flag (that was given to his mama by the Angolan Expo band that performed at the … Continued

Bears Night Out

After a fun ShanghaiMamas MNO (Mom’s Night Out) gathering, we stumbled out into the street at the late hour of 11:00 PM to find this teddy bear cart. – contributed by Jenny Whitaker     Welcome to the Shanghai My Eye! photoblog project. Each entry features one photo taken somewhere around town that speaks in … Continued

Light Bright

This is a picture I took of the lights and decorations at Yu Yuan a couple of nights before the Lantern Festival.  It was crowded, but had lots of great decorations all over, and the kids loved it.  – contributed by Andrea Jackson     Welcome to the Shanghai My Eye! photoblog project. Each entry … Continued

Mahjong Monday

This is one of my all-time fave photos I have ever taken in Shanghai…this Shanghai My Eye blog has inspired me to dig out the old hard drive and start building a portfolio. A back alley mahjong game on a Monday afternoon off GaoAn lu. Something about that woman tells me she always wins…. – … Continued

Easy Access

   You know when you’re trying to invent something new that nobody has thought of yet, it’s always the simple things staring you right in the face that are the brilliant ideas and when you see them they are so obvious you think ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ Easy access for small people is … Continued

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

The kids and I went to visit the People’s Park in People’s Square last Sunday. I had read about this being the ‘marriage market’ on the weekends and had to see it for myself. Well, that’s exactly what we saw- parents and grandparents trying to find their offspring a mate. There were thousands of flyers hanging … Continued

Jim Jam Tastic

  A wonderful and unique aspect to Shanghai life seen no where else in China is the sporting of ones Jim Jams in public. So the tale goes….the concept of having a set of clothes specifically for sleeping in is a real symbol of success in life. But what a shame to have made it … Continued


Look at this grandpa…then think about how he actually got up there. Can you do that? That bar was AT LEAST 2.5 meters up there, yet he heaved, flipped, and swung his way to the top of the bar to smile widely at my camera. Later I watched him do 30 military style chin-ups from … Continued