Letters from A Broad: When Harry Met Su Li

For much of my married life, I have lived in Asia. When I’m alone I’m one of the dark haired masses until I open my mouth and opportunist that he is, the watermelon guy increases his price by half. But when I’m with my husband; an American from the heartland of Ohio, broad shoulders, pale … Continued

Vanity Fair

 There I was; my eyeball a hair’s breadth (literally) from a modern yet archaic tool known as a curling iron – for eyelashes. The heat coming off the electric curler made my eyes start to water. I blinked back the tears and nervously carried on, knowing that one errant jerk of my wrist and I … Continued

Bag It, Drag It or Tag It

At the time I left home for a two decade-plus foray in Asia, Colonel Sanders was still running around drowning buckets of chicken in deep-fat fryers, and all I owned could fit in one suitcase. Not any suitcase though, the nearly extinct fabric covered cardboard type with rusty metal snaps that with some twine and … Continued

Be Prepared

 Yesterday I went by the grocery store and was met by a rush of people clamoring for salt. The shelves were empty but customers pleaded with the manager for more. They were hoping to buy salt for its iodine properties in hopes of blocking any errant radiation coming from Japan.